Picnic Table Hammock

A picnic table hammock! OKAY now that is pretty clever.

This takes relaxing to a whole new level. How many of you out there have the hammock but no way to suspend it? You buy the hammock with the dream of lazing around in it on a hot summer day, you buy it take it home, and it sits in a bundle in a corner because hanging it somewhere secure is now a problem. Yes, if there happens to be two perfect trees in your yard with the exact spacing and strong branches to hang it in then lucky you! For most that is not the case.

This DIY may be the perfect solution for you! Once you read on and see the photos, you are going to agree that this idea is genius. We know we did, so read on and get ready to be surprised!

Brace yourself for a picnic table hammock! Yes, people, a plan for this does exist! It is a wooden picnic table, flipped upside down with a way to hang your hammock in the center of it.

This design gives you built-in tables (the seats) for your best book and beverage so get to relax and just lay back and read, drink or take a nap while everybody is doing their thing.

You can easily do this DIY project on your own, as long as you have a pattern or the right instructions on building one. Credit needs to go to Encore Heureux Design Studio. They are the one responsible for this cool design and idea, which we are sure you would find functional and efficient when you have your very own in your back yard. Check out more of this unique picnic table on Good Home Design's website that you could find below. Enjoy!

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