Pineapple Honey Glazed Ham

This Pineapple Honey Glazed Ham Recipe will remind you holiday dinner recipes you tried as a child, just like your mom used to make. Just looking at this ham recipe photo will make your mouth start to water. This is an easy and delicious holiday meal that you will want to include on the menu. You will also find a delicious glaze recipe made with pineapple juice, honey and some dijon mustard to serve with your spiral ham recipe.

It's hard to believe that it's that time of year again, the year is almost over, and holidays are quickly coming up. The weather outdoors is changing and getting colder, and it's also the time of year that seasonal recipes abide. It's when the home feel cozy; lots of friends and family come to visit and plenty of holiday meals are prepared. It's also the time of year that the aroma of good food fills the house.

This spiral ham is just the recipe that you will want to add to your shopping list of seasonal ingredients. The thing about this wonderful ham recipe is that it doesn't need a lot of ingredients to make, and it looks and tastes like gourmet. First of all and most importantly, you will need your Spiral Ham, depending how many people you will be serving; you can go with a nine or ten-pound ham. For the glaze recipe, you will need some pineapple juice, honey, sugar and some stone ground mustard.

Now with all your ingredients ready (there weren't too many to have to worry about!), you can preheat your oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the Spiral ham into a large sized baking dish and cover it with foil. Then cook the ham according to the package instructions. When the ham is cooking in the oven, you can prepare the glaze recipe. In a small saucepan placed over medium heat, cook the pineapple juice for approximately 25 minutes while stirring the juice frequently, the juice in the saucepan should reduce by about half. Then add the sugar, honey, and mustard to the pineapple juice. Cook the ingredients for approximately five to eight minutes while stirring. When the glaze recipe has thickened to a nice syrup like consistency, you can remove it from the heat, and set aside until the ham is ready to be glazed. This might be the easiest gourmet dinner recipe you will make, it's the perfect recipe for holiday dinner, as it gives you lots of time to do other cooking, baking projects you have to do.

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