Pope Francis Says He Would Baptize Aliens

God, who created the whole world, is also the one who created the whole universe. We, humans, cannot count how many living creatures are present and residing outside the Earth and if those creatures can or cannot also count. If we humans are created by the creator of all living and non-living things, it just means that aliens and us have the same God – only if they believe on one.

In earth, the highest father of all fathers who leads the Catholics is the Pope, and up to date, Pope Francis is the current Pope. He is known for his humility, his way and concern of reaching the poor and his commitment and dedication to build bridges for anyone to find and build faith.

He believes that all creatures in the whole universe are the children of God, as much as we are. He said that if an alien comes to him and asks him to be baptized, he would smilingly do it in our way with no hesitations, because that is what a good Christian and servant does, and what our God wants us to do. He thinks that appearance does not matter as long as a single creature is devoted to send his faith.

However, should aliens arrive, people will naturally be afraid of these beyond-normal events . The pope is often the voice of reason, hope and humility in the Catholic Church these days. Always pushing for more philanthropy and more understanding in the world.

Pope Francis says that he would not wish harm if aliens do come to us and ask for our help. Afterall, we are all children of God.

The head of the Vatican Observatory Father José Gabriel Funes has come out publicly earlier and stated that he thinks there is a good chance they exist and that they would be in keeping with the faith. Explaining the idea of redemption for the aliens, he referred to the Gospel parable of the lost sheep stating: "Aliens could already be redeemed because they could have remained in full friendship with God."

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