Pork Souvlaki

There’s really nothing quite like food fresh off the grill, especially when it comes to tangy shish kebab recipes. That’s why this yummy Pork Souvlaki recipe is a must-have for any best barbecue recipes or even any best recipes list. Pork Souvlaki is a Greek recipe where you marinate small, cubed sections of pork until they are tender, pierce them with skewers, and place them on the grill for a few minutes – turning them at regular intervals until they are done. Known as a healthy version of Greek “fast food”, souvlaki skewers don’t take very long to cook, and you will love their luscious flavour. Although this is a recipe with pork, souvlaki recipes can also be made from lamb, beef, turkey, chicken, or even fish. It’s possible to also add vegetables like onions, green peppers, red peppers, and cherry tomatoes to your souvlaki skewers as well.

No matter how much the meat and vegetable ingredients may vary between souvlaki recipes, the marinade sauce generally stays the same. Its main ingredient is lemon juice, and when it’s married to all of the other delicious sauce ingredients – like garlic and oregano, to name a few, it tastes like you’ve just been transported to a beach of white sand on the Isle of Crete. The most important detail of any Greek souvlaki recipe is to marinate the meat for as long as you can – overnight, if possible. Once the souvlaki meat marinates for a long period of time, it will be so tender after you cook it that it will simply melt in your mouth. Souvlaki is often served with creamy tzatziki sauce and pita bread. Sometimes the pita bread comes on the side, and sometimes the souvlaki is wrapped in it, making a handy sandwich for lunchtime. Potatoes are often served with souvlaki recipes as a tasty side dish, and it’s possible to use French fries as well.

The term souvlaki comes from the Greek word souvla, which means spit - a long metal rod upon which meat is skewered and then roasted over a fire as it is turned slowly. This process, often called rotisserie grilling, allows for the meat to literally marinate itself as it cooks. We know that souvlaki goes as far back as ancient Greece where it was mentioned in the classical works of Aristotle, Xenophon, and Aristophanes, and some of the oldest references to souvlaki were by Homer. Archaeological excavations have unearthed crude stone barbecues from the 16th century BC that were made for skewer roasting.

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