Portabella Veggie Burgers

You will want to watch this short video on how to make this "Portabella Veggie Burgers" recipe, you won't believe how easy and quick it is! This veggie burger recipe is good for both the meat eater and the vegetarian in the house, the portabella mushrooms give the veggie burgers a nice added texture and flavor that you'll love.

For anyone who has ever made veggie burger recipes before, you know that one of the biggest problems with the burgers, is that they don't always hold together that well. It can be tricky to find a veggie burger recipe that holds together. This portabella veggie burger recipe looks good and holds together remarkably well. You'll want to take a look at the step by step recipe video tutorial and give these veggie burgers a try.

Having the occasional veggie burger is a good idea, even for the tried and true meat eater. We all know people who just have to have their meat, pretty much at every meal, including snacks. But it can be a bit hard on the digestive to eat such a heavily meat based diet. Everyone could do some good for themselves, to try a vegetable based dish now and again. Many vegetarians eat a lot of mushrooms because they have that 'meaty' sort of texture and a bold flavor that sets them apart from other vegetables. People might be surprised at just how many great vegetarian dishes there are to choose from. Vegetarians certainly don't go without, but with that said they also have to make sure to have a diverse diet and get all the necessary vitamins and minerals. That goes for meat eaters also, if you are eating meat all the time it can be taxing on your system, and you may even get high cholesterol because of it. Eating a diet that has a lot of vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and healthy sources of proteins is important to ensure optimal health. This healthy veggie portabella recipe is just one example of a vegetarian meal that you can enjoy and feel good about it afterward.

We all want to enjoy the food we eat, and that also means we want to feel good after eating it. That doesn't mean we can't indulge once in a while; it just means to try and balance the good with the bad. It's okay to have that extra slice of pizza, just make sure you have a healthy breakfast and lunch that day.

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