Potatoes With Parmesan & Roasted Garlic

This Potato with Parmesan & Roasted Garlic dish is an excellent way to prepare potatoes. When making a potato dish it is helpful to understand the different varieties of potatoes you have to choose from and what their properties are. Here are a few common varieties.

1.White Potatoes are smooth and have a buff-white skin and flesh and these are good for roasting, broiling and baking. Some varieties of this are Sepody, Superior, and Kennebec. The Shepody, has a light creamy flesh, these are a great choice for boiling mashing and roasting. The Shepody has a short growing season, so they come early when you plant. Superior potatoes are great for chipping as well as the other methods.

2.Red Potatoes have a red skin and the the flesh is creamy and good for boiling, mashing, baking and a nice potato in a potato salad. These potatoes are not as good for chipping.

3.Blue or Purple Potatoes are not as commonly seen in your supermarket and are more of a specialty potato. The Vitelotte is a long think finger-shaped potato with a dark blue or grey flesh, firm waxy texture and mild sort of nutty taste. They are for boiling and being used in salads.

4.Russet Burbank also known as Idaho is a starchy potato. This is one of the most commonly used potato.This is best for when making those classic baked and mashed potatoes and are great for french fries. The high starch content makes for fluffy mashed potato. The names you may find familiar in the 'Russet Potato Family' are Russet Burbank, Ranger Russet, Norking Russet, Frontier and Century Russet. These potatoes are the perfect general choice is dishes like gratins, stews, roasts, your potato pancake and the latke.

5. Yukon Gold Potatoes offer you a delicious flavor, with a slightly mealy texture. These are not the best potatoes for gratins or shredded recipes, but on one of the best choices for that all purpose baked and mashed potato.

6. The fingerling and nugget potato are a waxy potato that is popular for potato salads. They hold their shape and texture and are thin skinned for eating unpeeled chunky in a salad.

With all this great information about potatoes you can go forward with a new sense of why some potatoes work better in some dishes than others.

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