Potatoes With Parmesan with Roasted Garlic Yum!

You will no doubt want to give this Potatoes With Parmesan With Roasted Garlic recipe a try! This recipe calls for the use of the Yukon Gold Potato as they are the best texture and choice for this recipe. Yukon Gold potatoes offer you delicious flavor and have a slightly mealy texture. As one of the key ingredients in this recipe is garlic lets just talk a little bit about some varieties of garlic.

Garlic is used by kitchen and professional chefs world wide as it not only boosts the flavor of other foods, it also has healing and healthful properties. Is can be used in appetizers, side dishes and main dishes.

Some people even use it in drinks and desserts!

There are over 400 varieties of garlic. Allium sativum is the most common garlic and considered a 'culinary' garlic and easily found in most food stores. There are two type of allium sativum: softneck and hardneck. Bothe have similar healing properties as they are the same species but they differ in flavor, shelf life, clove size and their uses.

The garlic you typically see in the grocery store is the softneck. The outermost layer's cloves are the stoutest, the internal cloves become smaller as you get closer to the center. Two abundant softneck garlics are the 'Silverskin' and the 'Artichoke' garlics. Silverskin is easy to grow, has a strong flavor and stores well. It can last nearly a year with the right conditions. Artichoke garlic is milder, has few and larger cloves than the silverskin. It stores up to 8 months. It can have purple spots and streaks but don't confuse it with the purple hardneck variety of garlic.

The hardneck Garlic does not have a flexible stock like the softneck variety. It will typically have a firm stalk protruding from the center. Three varieties of hardneck are Rocambole, Porcelain and Purple Sripe.

Rocambole is full bodied in taste, peels easily and has only one set of cloves around a woodystock. Porcelain is similar in flavor to Rocambole, and usually has 4 large cloves. It is often mistaken for elephant garlic because of its size.

Purple Stripe is famous for making the very best baked garlic.

Elephant garlic actually tastes more like a leek. The flavor is slight and healing properties inferior to the others we mentioned. Often it is used more like a vegetable than a herb.

When buying your garlic, choose dry plump and firm garlic with a lot of papery sheath. Do not but cloves that are spongy, shriveled or crumbly as they are past their prime.

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