Pumpkin Spice Dark Hot Chocolate

Chocolates again, my friends. *claps* this new recipe with chocolate is great any time of the day! Plus mallows in it? Nam yam yam yam! *winks* Mind you people, this isn't just chocolate, this is dark chocolate. This type is one of the most common types of chocolate. But hey, want to shake hands with the superstar of the recipe? Come on and have a quick glimpse about it. Dark chocolate is also called bittersweet or semisweet chocolate. There isn't really a difference between the two terms. They are sometimes referred to as dark chocolate. Dark chocolates are considered the healthiest type of its kind. This is because of their flavonoids which provides antioxidant. They also have less fat and sugar. Dark chocolate is good for the heart. It improves blood flow helping to avoid blood clots, making the heart and brain function normally. The flavonoids in dark chocolate help lower blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol. For the brain, it increases alertness. It also helps control blood sugar. To avoid type 2 diabetes, dark chocolates could aid you. The flavonoids in it will help lessen insulin resistance. We are talking about REAL chocolate here, with at least 70% chocolate or higher cacao content. We are not talking about eating chocolate bars here that are little more than sugar with some milk chocolate or low percentage chocolate when it comes to eating healthy chocolate. Are you stressed out at work? Bring dark chocolates with you next time! A study conducted by the Swiss suggests that everyday consumption of dark chocolates reduces the level of stress hormones: cortisol. Lastly, dark chocolates improve your mood. This will help produce chemicals which is serotonin. In other words, chocolates make you feel better and in love. Now it is time for you to enjoy a very tasty dark hot chocolate drink with a pumpkin spice flavor! The link to the recipe is found on the "Cook with Manali" website below.

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