Purify Water with this DIY Inverted Solar Still

The solar still was invented around 40 years ago and because of its convenience uses for survival skills, many people continue using it to filter water through the means of evaporation. However, the traditional solar still requires a lot of hard work and that can be a little tiresome for survival situations. Therefore, here are some easy ways for you do to filter water by using the solar still reversed land-rubber version. It is applicable to a variety of situations you may be in. This inverted solar still can separate water from contaminated sources. As a matter of fact, you can turn salty water into fresh water. Here’s how you can build it up with three simple steps:

1.The sheets of plastic:

When talk about solar still, you will need to use plastic. Choose plastic that is transparent or milky looking to make sure the sunlight can get through it thus creating a greenhouse-effect to it. The larger the sheets of plastic you are using, the larger the still can be.

2.The weights:

This type of still is more vulnerable to the wind compared to the traditional still. The wind can be responsible for stirring up the reverse still, causing the seal to break the the water to dump out. Choose weights that will not affect the water such as clean smooth stones because they don’t have any sharp edges that might damage the plastic cover.

3.The supports:

Setting up the supports depending on what you prefer. If you build a tripod-shaped support then it is quite simple. At the center of the plastic, tie the small stone and this will become your “point” of the tripod. Hang the plastic sheet with sufficient sheet on the ground, and then the wobbly plastic sheet will be the round tank of the still. Make sure the weights inside the plastic sheet are strong enough to retain it in its place. Note: the water may somehow taste weird or smells a little funny but it is normal because this closed plastic sheets also set-ups odors inside it.

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