Quickest Way To Clean Your Oven The Non Toxic Way

There is more than one way to effectively clean your oven with natural ingredients. This method just seems to be such a great one that we wanted to feature this article.

We all have the same thing we must deal with when it comes to our ovens, and that is the glass door. Isn't is amazing how grimy it gets!

There is no doubt that a dirty oven means a busy oven, and that means a family is enjoying lots of home cooked meals. What could be better than that! Cleaning takes time, and if you have a choice of hanging with the family or cleaning the oven it is not too difficult to know which one you are going to choose to do.

That being said, at some point you reach the breaking point and just groan when you see the mess on the oven door. We know that you are not going to go and buy the toxic oven cleaners so what to do?

The supplies you are going to need for this are white vinegar, water baking soda, kosher salt and a retractable razor. These are handy little tools that most handymen have in their tool box. They are a small handheld, flat looking device that holds a razor blade that 'retracts' in when it is not in use. It is a great little tool!

The cleaning process involves opening the oven door, spraying with vinegar and water, sprinkling on baking soda and kosher salt and letting it sit. The question that came up a few times was why Kosher salt? What is that? In the case of salt, it contains no additives like iodine although some brands have anticaking agents. It is an edible salt, used like common table salt but has bigger grains. In the case of using as part of the cleaning agent, the bigger grains have more texture for scrubbing.

Okay, so we don't want to leave you hanging but there is still a little more to know so please visit the 'Cook It Allergy Free' website below for the exciting conclusion and pictures on how to clean the oven door!

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