Quickest way to clean your oven without any chemicals..

If you have not spent much time in the kitchen, you would probably wonder how to clean your kitchen from that sticky feeling and at the same time cleaning your oven in an easy way, especially when you have kids around. You may be scratching your head to the crumbs and puddles from their wet swimwear and leaving you with more cleaning to do.

Have you ever imagined a material that can help you easily clean up the oven without even using any chemicals in just a minute? Or do you wish to make your oven get back its see-through glass just like when you first bought it? The good news is there is one way to do it! You can make your oven clean and shiny in just no time.

Although ovens have its own self-cleaning feature in it, the smell is just unbearable according to many people. They claimed that they hated the smell and usually end up just scrubbing the clutters the best they can. If you are still looking for ways on how to clean up your oven in a free-toxic way, here is what you need to do:

Firstly, open the door of the oven and then spray it with mixture of white vinegar and plain water. Next, cover the mix with baking soda and then cover it again with kosher salt.

Second, add more spray of that mixture of vinegar and water. While doing this, you can hear the blazing sound as a result of the combination of the vinegar and baking soda. Then wait for few minutes. You can even let it stay overnight if you would.

Finally, you can scrub the oven, and there you go! Note: make sure the glass is wet when you are scrubbing it using a razor or anything sharp so that it won’t damage the glass.

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