Rabbit hole leads to 700-year-old enormous CAVERN containing a secret Knights Templar cave network!

You will want to take a look inside this earthen cave with its lit candles and mesmerizing paths. The Knights Templar were a Catholic military order that was active just about 1,000 years ago. And with their white mantles and their red crosses, they quickly became known for their wealth, their power, and their abilities during combat during the Crusades. This order was known to be among the wealthiest and the most powerful and became a favored charity throughout Christendom and rapidly grew rapidly in their membership and power. They were also very prominent in Christian finance. Now more than ever the Knights Templar serve as a source of fascination for archaeologists, scriptwriters, and novelists, and with every discovery of this order, the fascination grows. You will want to take a look at the short video to see what's inside.

These caves are like something out of Alice and Wonderland a rabbit hole of sorts has been found to reveal something amazing. Never in a million years would you ever expect to stumble upon something as fascinating as this, right in the ground in the middle of a forest. The find is located in a wooded part of a farmerís field about 31 miles North East of Birmingham, England, the small rabbit hole is one of the several holes, that are nearly identical in size in the immediate area. Inside the hole is an incredible well-preserved underground complex that is believed by some people to be linked to the legendary medieval Knights Templar. If you didn't know better, you would just pass right by, and the fact that it's been there so long without people knowing is amazing. It's like something out of a movie, similar to an underground temple.

According to reports about the discovery, local historians believe that the caves were carved out by the Knights Templar hundreds of years ago. Historic England dates the man-made earthen caves to the late 18th century or the early 19th century. The man-made caves are however undatable. The surrounding land of the caves is privately owned, and the earthen caves were sealed off about five years ago to deter any vandals. It was only a few years ago that the man-made cavern was discovered hidden beneath a farmerís field in Shropshire, England. Initially, the only way into the underground chamber was through a tiny rabbit hole, and, after some careful excavation, the explorers soon found that they were standing in what was an unseen temple that was used by the Knights themselves. The photographs were taken by Birmingham photographer Michael Scott who decided to visit the mysterious caverns and recently document them on his camera. And itís safe to say that this particular historical wonder is certainly a surreal sight to behold.

The caves are stunningly well-preserved about 700 years after they were originally carved out of the earth. Most likely the order used the earthen temple as a place to hide, worship, plot, and scheme away from any prying eyes. The shape of the subterranean hideaway is specific, with all sorts of circular naves prominently featured. It is thought that the reason for this was because the Knights wanted the architecture of the caves to match the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, which is the supposed burial place of Jesus Christ. The earthen caves were closed in 2012 after some of the caves were covered in graffiti, and a load of garbage was dumped through the entrance. This is just one of the trending stories you will find on the IFL Science site. On the site, you will also find the environment, technology, space, health and medicine, the brain, plants and animals, physics, chemistry and more. **

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