Ramen Noodle Oriental Chicken Salad Recipe

Do you love salads? Are you looking for recipe to try on your free time? Got a barbecue party coming up? Donít worry! We got you covered. We have here a simple and refreshing salad recipe that is great for side dishes. Introducing Ramen Noodle Oriental Chicken Salad. You might think that this is a complicated recipe but it is not. You just need a few ingredients to make your dressing and the salad itself. Some of these ingredients might be already in your kitchen!

Let me give you a bit of information about salads. It is a dish that consists of small pieces of food, which may be mixed together with a sauce or what you call the salad dressing. Most salads are served cold, and they also incorporate a variety of foods like vegetables, fruits, cooked meat, grains and many more. There are also many types of salads that depend on the ingredients of your choice. Based from my experience, I have tasted potato salad, macaroni salad, garden salad and fruit salad. All of these are delicious and make a great pair with you favorite meat dishes such as barbecue, chicken, pork or beef. A salad will not be complete if there is no sauce or what we call the salad dressing. Popular types of salad dressing are ranch, thousand island, and vinaigrette. Salads can be an appetizer, side dish or dessert. Dessert salads, of course, have a sweet taste to it.

To yield a very tasty salad, make sure to gather the right ingredients especially for the dressing. To help you on it, here are some information on the ingredients used. Rice vinegar is made from fermented rice or rice wine in China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. Each of these countries has their own version of rice vinegar. Chicken breasts are the best part to use in this salad recipe as this has more meat than bones. Make sure to cook and shred it very well. Aside from the Chicken, Ramen noodles are one of the main ingredients in this salad. This is the noodles that we usually use for Ramen dishes. These are thin noodles that look like the one they used for the instant noodles. Sunflower seeds have a mild nutty flavor like those of a peanut.

You might be wondering what this slivered almond is. Slivered means to cut or break something into small, thin narrow pieces. When you sliver the almonds, you slice it very thinly into little sticks. You will need a whisk to combine all the ingredients for the salad dressing. A whisk is a cooking utensil to blend all ingredients smoothly.

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