Ranch Chicken

Chicken meat is undeniably one of the popular ingredients used in various recipes; may it be simple cuisine or a complicated one. This meat is delicious enough to devour, especially if it is specially cooked. A lot of hotel or restaurant chefs even love to cook chicken meat for a main course since it is very easy to cook unlike those meats from cow, carabao, and many others. Chicken meat, however, has higher content of cholesterol especially its skin. It is the reason you need to control your chicken meat consumption. Don't you think so? There is one part of it that only contains zero to minimal cholesterol, and this is the breast part. Now the big question is? How many chicken recipes that you have known? Which one is your favourite? Are they cooked in a healthy way?

Well, there is one chicken recipe that is gaining more and more recognition these days. It is something that you must not ignore, of course, especially if you are a chicken meat lover. What is the best thing about it is the fact that it is healthily cooked, unlike those usual recipes for chicken meat and is baked instead. Introducing, the Ranch Chicken Recipe. All you need here is a fresh chicken meat, Parmesan cheese (grated), corn flakes (crushed), and a Ranch dressing. If one of these important ingredients is absent, your Ranch Chicken Recipe will not be complete. It is the main reason you need to make sure that you have all these ingredients at home. 45 minutes is the maximum time you need in baking this. That is not long enough for waiting, right?

You can share this with your family if you want to. They will surely love it, the same as you do. Now it is time for you to enjoy! Visit the Life in the LOFTHOUSE website below to view the full details of this recipe.

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