Rare Horse Breeds

From Gypsy Vanners to Arabians, Newfoundland ponies to the Shires, the horse world is filled with mystical and Rare Horse Breeds. One of the rarest - the golden horse - the Akhal-Teke, is known as “the most beautiful horse in the world.” It has a stunning metallic coat and is a horse breed from Turkmenistan (they are the national emblem.) Their coats have a distinctive metallic sheen and the breed has a great reputation for intelligence, speed and endurance. Considered to be the "Greyhound" of the horse world, older than the Arabians, bred for nomadic tribes and having a unique coat with a metallic sheen all make up an interesting horse breed.

Iran’s national treasure are considered to be Caspian's, and they were believed to be extinct until 1965 when a Tehran-based riding school was seeking for ponies for children to ride. There were rumors of these small horses, (standing no higher than 12.2 hands) of a similar temperament as Arabians, were kept by the Caspian Sea. They found the Caspian breed was still alive. The special tie the Caspian breed has in history is it was the horse that was shown on the Seal of King Darius the Great (around 500BC).

Most rare breeds were originally bred from colonial stock. Knabstrupper horses were a royal breeding line bred in Denmark (around 1671 to 1750) when they were called “The Tiger Horses.” The same spotted prehistoric horses that are said to have produced the breed Appaloosa, is believed to have produced the Knabstrupper horse.

Rare breeds of these horses mean sometimes there are not very many of them left in the world. Sadly, it is said there are only 400 Newfoundland Ponies currently alive in the world! Like other of the rare breeds mentioned, these little ponies were bred specialized for a task that became outdated as farm machinery technology advanced.

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