Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

Most of us have a collection of dessert recipes we have gathered along the way, whether it be from our mothers or grandmothers, or favorite recipe book or site. This "Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake," is one to add to the list, perfect for dessert with friends, or something to send to the kids bake sale. There are so many reasons to make a coffee cake, and not just so you can eat it with your coffee in the morning, although that is one time that you can have it. Coffey cake is great for an after dinner dessert as well as a nice light afternoon snack that is on the sweeter side. This raspberry recipe is also wonderful for using up all of your raspberries that you may have from bushes in your yard. Raspberries bushes spread like weeds, and they also produce a ton of fruit on them too. Sometimes there are more berries than you actually want to eat! So you make your jams and jellies, or you freeze them to use at a later time. You can always, of course, make them into delicious recipes like this one too! Raspberries are so amazing for any time of year, and in almost any dessert. They are definitely one of my favourite berries for sure.

This raspberry cream cheese coffee cake has all the flavors you love in every delicious bite! It's a moist and buttery cake with a creamy cheesecake filling, lots of raspberries and a crunchy streusel topping. Doesn't that sound amazing?! Contrary to the title of the recipe, this dessert cake does not use coffee (so its safe for the kids to eat), the creator called it a coffee cake in thinking it would be best served with coffee, the perfect way to start your day. The four delicious layer recipe is easy to make, and perfect for using up some of those fresh summer raspberries you have on hand. This raspberry cream cheese coffee cake taste good while it is still warm, so you can serve it shortly after it's made.

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