Red Velvet Brownies with White Chocolate Frosting

Red Velvet Brownie with White Chocolate Frosting. The name of the recipe is enough to inspire one into the kitchen to start baking.

This made from scratch dessert is featured from 'Hugs & Cookies'.

So where did the 'Red Velvet' baking term derive from? Let us trace the history of this dessert. The reason we call red velvet cakes today is because a large amount of red food coloring gets added to the cake batter to stain it red. Originally, the cakes were named this not from their color, but because the cake textures were so velvety smooth. This happened from the ingredients that were used in the cake batter. Years ago, when a cake was made the recipes generally contained either vinegar or buttermilk and baking soda. Baking soda is the agent that makes the cakes rise and become light and smooth. The cake cocoa of those times also reacted with these ingredients and the cocoa would change color from a dark brown to a reddish brown. Thus, the red velvet cake.

Cocoa powder today no longer creates this as it is processed with an alkalizing agent, and that neutralizes the acid in the cocoa. The change in ingredient compositions have changed the result.

Secondly old recipes used brown sugar which also created color in the cake.

The red velvet cakes of today are colored with food coloring. Food coloring has become a controversial item for us to be consuming. Although food coloring makes foods appealing the safety of eating these dyes is now being questioned by the US Food and Drug Administration. Findings of damage to DNA, and links to cancer are found in lab rats and mice, but nothing is 100% conclusive as to the harm in humans.

These artificial colorings are in most candies that we are eating every day.

The best rule of thumb would be to be aware of everything you are putting into your body and if you wish to bake this beautiful cake, then please do and enjoy. There are natural food colorings that you can also substitute available in many health food stores. The other option would just call it a velvet brownies and omit the red food coloring!

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