Red Velvet Puffed Pancake

This giant red velvet puffed pancake recipe bakes up in the oven and is topped with a lovely cream cheese glaze and lots of fresh fruit. This puffed pancake recipe is the perfect way to start any morning!The puffed pancake recipe also know as the Dutch Baby is easy to do, just add the pancake ingredients into the blender, mix and pour into a frying pan. The frying pan goes into the oven, and you just wait while it bakes. This beautiful red velvet pancake recipe can be made any time of year; it's a great addition to any breakfast table.

The ingredients you will need for the red velvet pancake recipe include eggs, milk, all-purpose flour, cocoa powder and sugar. You will also need kosher salt, vanilla extract, unsalted butter, red gel food coloring and cooking spray. The ingredients you will need for the glaze include softened cream cheese, softened butter, milk and powdered sugar. You will also need assorted fresh fruit for the pancake recipe topping.

To start preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Then put the eggs, milk, flour, cocoa powder, sugar, salt and vanilla into a blender. Blend the pancake ingredients until they are thoroughly combined. Then add the gel food coloring and blend for approximately 30 seconds.

Then heat a 10 inch cast iron frying pan or non-stick frying pan over medium heat. Add the butter and melt. Pour the pancake batter into the frying pan. Put the frying pan into the oven and bake until browned, puffed and cooked right through.

Then while the pancake is in the oven, make the cream cheese glaze recipe. Then beat the cream cheese and butter with a mixer until they are thoroughly combined, between one to three minutes. Then add the milk, and beat to combine. Then slowly add the powdered sugar and mix until a glaze forms. You can keep adding more milk a bit at a time if needed to get the glaze recipe to a pouring consistency. Then slice the pancake into wedges and serve topped with the cream cheese glaze and fresh fruit.

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