Rescue Your Cast Iron from Rust using Vinegar

Nowadays, cast iron frying pans have been replaced by more popular teflon-coated aluminum non stick cookware. However, cast iron pans are durable and reliable that is why most chefs and cooks have a cast iron pan in their kitchen. Buying one is like adopting a newborn puppy or child at the same time. You need to pamper it to its early stages and be gentle when storing it- as the seasoning can crack off! However, cast iron's have the ability to withstand and maintain very high cooking temperatures, making it a common choice for searing or frying. You can develop a "non-stick" surface with proper care so they are also a good choice for egg dishes, and for baking such as cornbread, cobblers and cakes.

But what do you do with a rusty cast iron pan? You can remove the rust and save your cast iron all with the natural help of vinegar. The process is very simple to do. What you will gonna need is some water and white vinegar as well as a piece of abrasive scrubber. Make a mixture of half water, half vinegar and let the cookware soak in it for up to 6 hours depending on how awful the rust is. Gently scrub the rust away from your cast iron pan using your scrubber. You may use copper pad or simply use the salt scrub method in order to remove the debris as well.

Once the core of the pan is already set and clean, it's time to re-season it again. To make your cast iron pan ready to use again, use lard and rub it on the entire surface. Place into a preheated oven at 275║F. for 15 minutes in order to let the lard drip off. Increase the level of the heat to the smoking point and bake for another 45. Isn't so easy to do? Share this with your friends so you can all no longer throw away the rusty iron cast pans.

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