Research Shows Letting Pets Stay in Same Bed as Owners Diminishes Sleep Quality

During the 28th annual meeting of the Association Professional Sleep Societies, there was an indication that those people who shared beds with their pets for four nights or more have the tendency to have poor sleeping quality. Estimated around 63% of people are not sleeping well if they have pets sleep on the same place as theirs.

It is not advisable that the human share the same sleeping spot with their furry friend, although it may look cute and comforting, it will disturb the sleep when there are disturbances such as barking and other noises their pet made. Nowadays, lack of sleep has become one of the most serious health problems. Experts believed that lack of sleep can worsen oneís health condition and affect his lifespan.

On the other hand, many pet lovers believed that having their pet sleep beside them help prolong their health benefits. For example, there are many incidents where their pet helped them detect illnesses in some parts of their body at an early stage.

In Japan, a Labrador-Retriever helped identified colorectal cancer by sniffing stool and it was 95% accurate as a colonoscopy test. Other than that, pets can help reduce cardiovascular risk according to Glenn N. Levine, M.D., chairman of the American Heart Association (AHA). Glenn believed that pets can help improve the psychological, sociological and physiological aspects in human. The American Heart Association said that there is also possibility that pets can help reduce obesity, hypertension and cholesterol in people.

Over all, it depends on each individual. If you have some serious health problems such as HIV or you are on a chemotherapy treatment or any illnesses that weakens the immune system, then sleeping with your dog is not a good idea. However, if you feel like sleeping separately from your dog isnít working for you, then you can sleep with dog and wake up feeling happy.

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