Sausage Spinach Ricotta Stuffed Pasta Shells

Hungry for something savoury and scrumptious? Have a lot of people to feed or just have a big appetite or like left overs? This is a great family recipe or perfect for a pot luck or gathering! This easy sausage, spinach, ricotta stuffed pasta shell recipe is sure to make your mouth water and having you add it to your recipe book marks! I personally love Italian food and Spanish food alike, so this mix of both seems like a great idea to me! The article with recipe posted by Elise on Simply Recipes web site looks like a hit to me! Elise talks about how her father once made this for their family and how impressed she was with how it turned out.

Who doesn't like a super easy recipe like this that is also really savoury and delicious? Using all fresh ingredients true to European style, this would be a recipe to savour and save. You don't need too many ingredients either, which I always like in a recipe. You just need the pasta shells, unless you are ambitious enough to make them yourself from scratch! Some veggies, cheeses, sausage and seasonings and some time to put it all together before going into the oven. People are becoming better at getting away from the packaged pre made meals and coming back to cooking everything the way it should be done, from scratch. Its a way better way to be in tune with the food we eat and enjoy. And thus, a better way to connect with each other and ourselves. I think I will be trying this recipe for a family dinner or for a pot luck gathering soon! I have some friends who would absolutely love this on all levels! So follow that link below to "Simply Recipes" for this awesome recipe!

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