Scorched Pan? No Problem! Cleaning It is Easier Then You Think!

Itís the burning question that has tormented humans for millennia. How on earth do you clean a scorched pan? Should you bother? Is it worth it? And is it really possible? Well thanks to this great little article over at WikiHow, we can now say, in all honesty, yes it is possible! And itís not only possible, itís been done! Whatís more, we have three different ways you can do it. Take your pick! Depending on the type of pan you are using, one of these methods is bound to help you out.

Yep, it can happen to the best of us. Weíre cooking away in the kitchen and get distracted for a few moments; when we turn back to our pan, itís boiling over and the sides are getting scorched. Yikes! Best to put the iPad away when we are playing with fire, right? Not worth scorching our pans over someoneís Facebook update.

But thereís no crying over spilt milk and thereís no crying over a scorched pan, either. And now we have a few solutions that will get that pan looking brand spanking new again. Itís hard to believe, but itís true. Hereís one way to clean your scorched pan! First of all, rinse it off gently Ė donít scrub it! Not yet. Rinse it off first and then fill it with warm water, making sure the water covers the scorched part. Now, add a generous amount of your favourite dish detergent. Turn your stove burner onto high heat and put your scorched pan on it. Heat it up until the entire mixture starts to boil a little, then turn the burner down to low. Simmer the pan for a whileÖ10 minutes or so would be perfect!

Next, all youíve got to do is turn the stove off and pour the water out of the pot into the sink. All of the stuck-on grime should be loosened up really good now. It should be really easy to remove with a cooking spoon or a metal spatula. Then gently scrape the pan with a plastic (not metal Ė it will scratch too much and damage the pan) scrubbie to remove all of the difficult bits. Then wash the pan as usual. That should do it. See? No more scorched pan.

How did that work for you? Is your pan clean now? Was it fairly straightforward? If not, we have some more ideas for you! Two more to be exact. Each one of them involves a very special Ė and natural Ė cleaning ingredient that you probably already have in your kitchen cupboard. And, if you donít, you SHOULD! Everyoneís kitchen should be fully stocked with these two natural cleaners; you can bet your motherís kitchen was, and her motherís too. They are just that good! Tried and true.

Another big factor in scorched pan cleaning is time! Both of these methods ask you to leave your pan soaking for three to eight hours, or perhaps even overnight, while using these particular cleaners. Time gives them an opportunity to really break down the grease and grime so that when you do get around to scrubbing, everything will just dissolve away and youíll be left with a perfectly clean pan Ė as good as new!

These methods will all work really well for cleaning pots too. So, roll up your sleeves and get reading Ė youíll discover some new techniques for cleaning dirty pots and scorched pans, and youíll also find out about some really powerful cleaning agents you may have underestimated in the past. Ones that work just as well in cleaning as they do in cooking! They are completely natural, non-toxic, and have been around since time immemorial. Keeping them within reach can sure save you a lot of headaches in the future. Read on to find out what they are and how to use them!

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