Scramble Your Eggs While They Are Still Inside Their Shell

Omelettes are popular breakfast food. You can have a traditional omelette on the table with egg on the outside while the filling was on the inside. Another one is a scrambled egg omelette with vegetables and spices mixed in them. A lot of people, especially kids prefer to make the latter as it is easier and more consistent with its taste.

Eggs are always a common and healthy part of the entire familyís table. When consumed in moderate amounts, eggs are healthy source of protein. They are also popular with kids. But, recently, there are creative ways on how to cook eggs. A few of them you can try:

1. A toast with butter. To spice up your creativeness, you can cut a hole in the middle of your toasted bread and fry an egg in the hole. Prepare it with a glass of fruit juice or milk and your children will definitely have something healthy and tasty for breakfast.

2. Scrambled eggs are also a great choice. You can mix in some flavour by adding spices and cheese while you are cooking.

While some people start scrambling a few eggs by breaking them carefully and separating the shells away, there is also a unique way of scrambling them inside the shell. This way, you will have a delicious hue of yellow inside the shell instead of the common white. Japanese people call this the golden egg. Itís fun to make and makes an appetizing hard-boiled egg.

Recently, people get to use a tool to scramble the egg inside the shell easily. If you donít have one, you can simply use a long-sleeve shirt and a string. The host will spin the egg rapidly and will thoroughly mix up the contents. When itís cooked, you can peel it like a typical hard-boiled treat although instead of white, itís yellow. And it has retained its shell-like shape!

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