Seal Any Bag with this Cool Kitchen Hack

You will love this tip on how to "Seal Any Bag with this Cool Kitchen Hack," it is so quick and easy to do, and it cost you any money if you already have some straws at home. Kitchen hacks are always great to know, you can never have too many ideas when it comes to tips and tricks to save you time and money.

So for his cool and simple kitchen hack you will need two thick straws and a pair of scissors, that's it, nothing fancy or expensive, along with the bag of sugar or any bag you would like to seal. The first step is to cut one of your straws in half, then take the bag that you want to seal and take the uncut straw and put it on the bag. Next take the second straw (the cut one) and put it over the bag with the uncut underneath so they make a seal. To see the step by step do it yourself kitchen hack you will want to take a look at the site. Do you have a kitchen hack that you always use? On the rumble site you will find lots of other kitchen hacks from Three kitchen life hacks you need to know, Life hacks that'll make life easier in the kitchen, 15 awesome wax hacks, Kitchen Cabinets, kitchen life hack on how chefs de shell eggs, mind blowing life hacks you need to see, Great Dane drinks right from the kitchen sink, make real seashell candles in your own kitchen, how to make vegan free gluten free pizza, 5 cooking hacks you must know.

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