Seasoned Sausage Potato Skillet

Easy dinner ideas like this seasoned sausage potato skillet are perfect for any night of the week. We all need quick, easy recipes to help us get dinner on the table for ourselves and our families after a long day at work or school. Eating a hearty meal with lots of protein and filling vegetables will be sure to satisfy any level of hunger and nourish the body. This delicious potato recipe would be great as a meal with some green vegetables on the side, or, it would also be great served as a side dish with any other meal. It could also be a nice recipe to make and bring to a potluck to feed a bunch of people. There are many polish sausage recipes online, but this one is so great because it takes all of the ingredients for a meal and cooks them in one skillet. That means less time and less dishes, which is something everyone can love. This recipe takes russet potatoes and sausages and blends them with a mixture of delicious flavours like garlic and onion, bell peppers and paprika and parsley.

Many other polish sausage recipes include potatoes, or even perogies served with sour cream and maybe some cheese. All of these savoury flavours blend so well together and people have enjoyed these kinds of recipes for many years. Sausages are made by grinding up meat and mixing it with delicious spices and herbs, and then it is stuffed into a casing that holds everything together in a tube. Often times people will just eat sausages on their own, either as the meat on the plate, or in a bun. Sausages are a very practical and convenient food to eat because the meat is already seasoned, and they don't take long to cook. They are also very easy to travel with making them a great food to take camping. In fact, this meal could perhaps even be cooked over a camp fire if you wanted to. You can even make your own sausages at home and fill them with your favourite type of meat and seasonings. There are many different types of sausage flavourings you can experiment with like Italian sausage, chipotle sausage, and even sausages with apple and sage in them. Freeze them until you need to use them, and then just defrost before you cook them up.

It's great if you can purchase local meat from organic, free range farms where they raise happy animals. Most often sausages will be made from pig's meat, but you can also purchase beef, chicken and turkey sausages. Buying from a local source means that you can assess the quality of the sausages by asking the butcher or the meat packer what goes into the sausages. If you can't find local organic meats, find the closest thing you can to organic meat with less preservatives in it. This delicious potato recipe is just one of the many easy dinner ideas from My Fridge Food. Thank you to My Fridge Food for this great easy recipe for a seasoned sausage potato skillet. This website features hundreds of great recipes that you can make according to what you have in your fridge at any given time. On their home page, you simply tick the boxes beside the foods you have and want to use in your dinner recipe, and they bring up all of the recipes that correspond with the foods you have checked boxes beside. That way, you can just use up the food you have already purchased instead of having to run out and buy more.***

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