See Why this Woman Can Live Legally in a Tiny House in the Netherlands

This woman is living legally in a tiny house on wheels in the Netherlands. Marjolein Jonker was lucky enough to get a plot of land from the council in her area called Alkmaar, to park her tiny house on wheels and live legally. With all of the different housing regulations in cities, it can be tough for those who want to live in a tiny house on wheels to find a legal place to park their home. Some cities in the United States and Canada are cracking down on people because their houses don't meet current codes. Even though codes and regulations are changing, people still have to be careful not to over step their boundaries otherwise they won't be allowed to live full time in their homes. Many tiny house dwellers have begun to approach city halls in their area, advocating for a change to occur within the rules and regulations surrounding housing. Marjolein is also traveling around talking to other city councils to do this in their own regions to pave the way for other tiny house dwellers. It's not really even a matter of if they will implement tiny houses into their codes and bylaws, its just a matter of when it happens. The fact that she got her tiny house to be legal is such great news for all other European residents who want to build a tiny house of their own. Many citIes in the US and Canada are already working hard to work tiny house laws into their system, but these things do take some time as well.

Marjolein's beautiful tiny house on wheels is a perfect example of how wonderful small house living can be. It shows you really don't need a lot of space to feel comfortable and at home, especially if you have some furry family members to keep you company. Marjolein lives in her tiny house on wheels with her two cats, who seem to really love the space as you will see in the photos of the interior of the house. Looking at her design, you'll see that she has all of the main components of the tiny house on wheels. A beautiful kitchen with full size appliances, a little work nook, a living room with built in seating and lots of nice, large windows to increase the spaciousness of the place. The stairs leading up to the loft are also a very cool and unique design. It looks like there are two sets of stairs that hide storage within them. This is one of the most important things about small house living, to incorporate a lot of good, accessible storage for all of your items. Keeping things stored and organized within a tiny house is so crucial and can make the world of difference for every day living.

Building a tiny house may even be something that you yourself would like to do. If you are considering it, seeing people like Marjolein living their dreams in their tiny houses will be like fuel to your fire, inspiring you to move forward with your plans. While building a tiny house on your own can be a big job, it's a very rewarding experience as well. The first step is to start dreaming and planning your tiny house lay out. Simply take out some paper and a pen or pencil, and start drawing the layout of your tiny house and how you would like things to look. Once you have some sketches you can transfer them onto the computer or you can take them to a tiny house designer or builder if you want it built for you. Enjoy looking at Marjolein's beautiful home and all of the other amazing tiny houses on Tiny House Talk.***

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