Seven Layer Salad

Are you in search of a recipe for a nice and simple salad that everyone will enjoy? Why don't you go ahead and try out this recipe for a Seven Layer Salad, from Busy Mom Cook Blog! Some people think that salads are boring, or have to be boring because healthy food is bland and boring, but they really don't have to be and healthy food can be some of the best tasting food you have ever had in your life! I'm talking about those salads people are used to getting in a diner type of restaurant, that are not even really salads, they are usually made with ice burg lettuce, that has no flavour and very little nutritional value, topped with some super hard, tasteless tomatoes and maybe a couple of croutons. These don't even deserve to be called salads in my opinion! This salad has seven epic layers that will all taste great together, and please everyone's pallets, even ones that are a little salad shy and don't really eat many salads. Even these kind of people might be pleasantly surprised when they have a bite of your Seven Layer Salad!

Salads have been eaten since ancient times, and people back then generally did eat a lot more raw vegetables, because cooking them took time and effort, and also, whether they knew it or not, the raw vegetables had more nutrients in them too! Heating up the vegetables changes the nutritional structure of the fruits and vegetables and if they are overcooked even, a lot of the life force is taken out of them. Now there are so many different kinds of salad out there with all different types of ingredients and dressings. Sometimes a salad doesn't even need lettuce in it, all you really need is to have lots of good, fresh vegetables in the salad. There have also been some pretty hilarious things that people considered to be salad ingredients. In the 50s, people even considered jello and whipped cream with pineapple to be a salad if you can believe it! These days, that would be considered more of a dessert though, and people still even make this type of dish as a dessert salad.

This salad seriously has everything in it but the kitchen sink! Which is why I think a lot of people would like it. It is basically layers of romaine and ice burg lettuce, with hard boiled egg, green onion and red pepper with some seasonings, and then topped with Miracle Whip with some bacon and shredded cheddar cheese too. This is what would get some of the guys interested in this salad, or people who don't usually eat a lot of vegetables. People would be happy to see the cheese and the bacon in this salad for sure! Not particularly a salad I would love, but I would try it! It would be great to bring to a BBQ or potluck, I bet it would disappear before your eyes! Head over to 'Busy Mom Cook Blog' by following the link in the section below!

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