She Covers Her Ironing Board In Tin Foil. Then, She Reveals A Tip I Wish I Knew About Earlier

If you're like most people, when you're in a rush and your piece of clothing needs to be ironed you probably just choose another piece of clothing to wear. It might be the lazy way out, but sometimes you just have to look for the easiest solution and go with it. The good news is, maybe you don't have to choose another outfit to wear. This is one of the real life hacks that teaches us how to iron our clothes quickly and efficiently, and all you need is some simple aluminium foil. To try and avoid wrinkles in the first place, a good trick is to dry them on your dryer's hottest setting if the piece of clothing is okay to go in the dryer. Once the piece of clothing is out of the dryer just hang it up right away. If your clothes can't go in the dryer because they're made with delicate fabrics that may shrink when put in the dryer, then you'll have to hang them to dry and iron them once they're dry. Some fabrics can't even be ironed so make sure that you read the label well to determine what's best for your garment.

This is one of the real life hacks that was shared on the Dr Oz show to make our lives easier. It has also become one of the trending videos on the web. This particular video has gained over 1 million views on the Dr Oz channel along with some of the other trending videos on the channel that feature cleaning tips and other real life hacks. In this video, a viewer shows us how to iron a shirt in no time flat. She says that in the past it used to take her 15 minutes or more to iron a shirt, and sometimes you just don't have time for that. She says that now, she can iron her shirt in only 3 minutes. Just get some simple aluminium foil and get ready to iron. Lift up your ironing board cover and cover the top of your ironing board with the aluminium foil, making sure that the shiny side is facing up. Then, place the ironing board pad over top of it. Then, just iron your garments as usual, but you'll notice that this helps speed up the process. With the aluminium foil underneath the piece of clothing, it reflects the heat back up onto the other side of the garment. It surrounds the material in heat which flattens out any wrinkles. You won't have to flip over your piece of clothing to get it wrinkle free, which is why it takes less time to iron it.

There are also plenty more real life hacks you can do with aluminium foil as the viewer shows us in the video on Dr Oz. You can also sharpen your scissors with aluminium foil, simply take a piece of foil and fold it in half twice, you can also do an accordion fold. Then, take your dull scissors and cut through the aluminium foil a few times and the foil will sharpen your scissors as you cut through it. Use aluminium foil for another laundry hack just take some foil and roll it up into a ball about as big as a tennis ball and make two or three of these balls. Then throw them into your dryer with your laundry while your clothes dry, and they will act as dryer balls. Try out these and other real life hacks and cleaning tips from the Dr Oz show and their trending videos on YouTube.***

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