She Cuts Into A Pair Of Menís Underwear. The End Result? I NEED To Make One!

If you're not into sewing, there are plenty of fun diy projects that don't involve a needle and thread. Like this great diy project share with us from All Tips Ideas. On the video, she cuts a pair of men's underwear, and the end result will make you want to make one for yourself. Sewing is a handy skill to have, but in our modern day, fewer people are learning how to sew because everything is already made for us. It's also quite easy to learn how to sew if you want to through YouTube tutorials, and learning how to use a sewing machine can also be a very valuable skill to have. You can learn how to make all sorts of items and do it yourself crafts that involve sewing. From household items like draperies and pillows to personal items like clothes and accessories. But even if you know how to sew really well, sometimes you just don't feel like sewing and would rather make easier do it yourself crafts. That's where No-Sew diy ideas come in. No-Sew crafts are great for those who don't sew and for people who just want really quick and easy do it yourself crafts.

Sometimes the no-sew diy ideas will involve connecting the pieces of the project by other means like gluing or using a special iron-on adhesive. Other diy ideas that don't involve sewing will just require cutting, which is what this project does. All you need for this project is a pair of larger men's brief style underwear with a thick elastic band. It's up to you if you want to recycle an old pair or not, but you'll probably want to make sure they're really clean before you use them for anything else. More likely, you'll opt to purchase a newer pair of men's underwear for this project. Not only will they be clean, the fabric will have it's elasticity in tact, and the waist band will be nice and tight still too. Choose the colour of your preference and grab your scissors and sit down with this great diy tutorial. All you have to do in this tutorial is cut the middle of the underwear out along the seam. Try to cut nice and close to the seam, as this will turn into straps. When you're done cutting out the area of material, you are done, and you can slide on the underwear upside down, over your head, putting your arms through the former leg holes. It sounds pretty strange to put underwear on over your head, but when you see the video, you will understand and see how cute it looks as a sports bra.

This is one of those fun diy projects that would be great for younger girls who want to make their own sports tops, great for wearing under other t-shirts. For adult women, these sports bras would be considered low impact sports bras, meant for lower impact exercise like yoga. For higher impact activities like running or jogging, women will want a more supportive sports top. You can apply these diy ideas to t-shirts too and cut them to suit your style better. There are so many ways to cut shirts to make them into various styles, and the best part is, they don't require much effort either. Just a few snips with your scissors and you have a super stylish shirt that you made yourself. All Tips Ideas features more great videos and diy ideas that you may find interesting to do, so spend some time looking at some of the other do it yourself crafts that we have featured here from their website.***

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