She Cuts The Pockets Out Of An Old Pair Of Jeans. What She Makes With It? Simple But AWESOME!

You will not believe what she makes in this video. She cuts the pockets out of an old pair of jeans. What she makes with it is simple, but awesome. We all have clothes that we just don't like or don't wear as often anymore, but instead of throwing them out in the garbage, or giving them away you can use them for fun diy projects like this one from All Tips Ideas. This link is a great website to have in your list of favourites. They share great diy ideas, simple life hacks, recipes and practical household how to through slide shows and videos. Life is complicated enough sometimes, so anything that makes it easier for us is welcomed. That's perhaps why people love websites like Pinterest so much; it's a great place to gather all of your ideas in one place so you can refer to them anytime you need to. It's also a great place to access thousands of ideas that you maybe wouldn't have had access to before. Simple life hacks are essentially an easier way of doing something commonly done. So there are kitchen hacks that are great for using while cooking or organizing and cleaning your kitchen, and there are also hacks for other areas of the home. These hacks simplify things by finding a quicker or sometimes more affordable way to do things and people are really loving being able to do things for themselves so hacks and diy ideas are quite popular these days.

There are so many fun diy projects on the internet and in magazines, and there are even whole books dedicated to diy ideas. A DIY is a do it yourself project and they are usually fairly easy and approachable by anyone. All you have to do is follow the steps that are listed, and you should get great results. In this case, there is a video on hoe to do this diy project which makes it even easier to follow. It's so nice to have a visual aid especially when you're approaching a task you have never attempted before. You can watch the two moms in the video form All Tips Ideas show you exactly how to make these jeans, and they even show what the jeans look like on a person after they are finished up. This particular diy project shows women how to make their own maternity jeans from an old pair of jeans by slightly altering them. This is a mild alteration, so it doesn't even require a fancy sewing machine, in fact, you can sew this completely by hand if you want.

Looking at the prices of maternity pants and jeans, you might quickly realize how costly they can be. It may seem odd to pay so much for a pair of pants you're only going to wear for a short period of time, just to give them away, or hang onto for a future pregnancy. So, this is one of those simple life hacks that helps you save money and makes use of an old pair of jeans. If you don't have any jeans handy that you want to cut up, then just visit your local thrift store or consignment store, for under $20 you can find a pretty great pair of jeans for this project. The other thing about maternity jeans is they are not the most fashion forward looking jeans, to be honest. Sure they may be comfortable, but you want to dress like you normally would even through your pregnancy and post pregnancy. So enjoy this and many other fun diy projects from All Tips Ideas.***

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