She Cuts The Sleeves Off An Old T-Shirt And Turns It Into THIS, I Canít Wait To Make One!

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If you're the type of person who likes having cool projects to do, this great diy project from eHowbeauty is a fun one to add to your list. In the video you'll see she cuts the sleeves off an old t-shirt and turns it into something really cool. Bet you won't be able to wait to make one for yourself or as a gift for someone else. It's great to find ways to recycle our old stuff. Clearing out the clutter from our homes is a wonderful way to bring fresh, new energy into the home and it helps make our living environment feel more spacious and organized too. A different way to look at it is the stuff you don't use any more is just taking up space, and it could also be creating clutter in your home. We may feel a stagnant energy in our home that just doesn't feel good. When you clear out the old, you open space for more good things to flow into your life, and it also clears the energy of your home which is pretty cool. Plus, others may be able to benefit from the items that you give away. Giving your old stuff to a thrift store or a charity like a Salvation Army or a Women's shelter is a great way to give back to your community.

Other ways to recycle your old stuff is to find some diy ideas like this project we found on YouTube. There are so many great diy ideas and tutorials for projects to do on YouTube, and the nice thing is that you can follow along with the video and pause it or rewind it as needed while you are making your craft. It's always nice to have a visual picture of how to make things, especially diy projects that involve sewing. This one doesn't involve any sewing at all, which is great for those who don't know how to sew. for this tutorial, all you need is an old t-shirt that is slightly oversized, but it doesn't have to be too large. You begin by cutting off the bottom seam of the t-shirt, followed by cutting the neck line off, and then cutting the sleeves off. The only step left is to turn the t-shirt inside out and take the left over strand of material that was previously cut off from the bottom of the shirt, and use it to tie the loose end at the bottom. In the video, she shows us exactly how to do this, so it will create a secure bottom for your bag.

Once you're done all of the steps in the video, your bag is ready to be used once you flip the knot to the inside of the bag, so it's hidden. That's it, and you have a cute shopping bag to use for your groceries, or a nice beach tote to store all your beach stuff in, or perhaps a bag to carry some light books in. You could even use it as a purse if you wanted to, and you could make it any colour you prefer. This is a fabulous way to recycle your old t-shirts so they don't have to end up being used as rags, which is especially great for t-shirts that have some sentimental value to you like concert tees or sports teams you like. If you have kids, these would make great party favors for birthdays too; kids would love them with their favourite cartoon characters on them. Enjoy making this and find other great projects to do through our website and through the eHowbeauty channel on YouTube.***

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