Make Your Own Glass Cleaner

Cleaning our windows can be a big job. But if you have the right cleaning solution and method, it can be much easier than ever before. If you don't like how expensive Windex is, you don't have to shell out the extra money anymore and you can learn how to make your own glass cleaner. This solution works so well, you won't even believe it is home made. The usual reflex to have when cleaning your windows is to grab out the Windex and some paper towel, but when we choose to be more conscious of the environment, using chemical cleaners and wasting paper might not be the best option. With so many great recipes for natural cleaning products including natural glass cleaner recipes that people have been making for years and years. Natural cleaners are a great choice to make when choosing cleaning products for your home. Not only will they be safer for the environment, and won't cause a lot of pollution, but they are also safer and healthier for your family. Some of the commercial cleaners have harsh chemicals in them that are not very healthy to be breathing in, and sometimes their chemicals can still linger in the air after they are sprayed. Certain cleaners are not even safe at all for pets to come into contact with, so this is why it is so important to be conscious of the cleaning products we are using.

You can use recipes for natural cleaning products to make all of your household cleaners. The ingredients for these recipes are usually very simple, and you probably have them on hand at all times. Most of the recipes make use of things like baking soda and vinegar which are very common natural cleaners. People have been using these two things for cleaning for hundreds of years and they are certainly not losing popularity as many people are seeing their amazing benefits even today. Vinegar is wonderful to use as a cleaner because it is not only a great disinfectant, it is also a great odour neutralizer. Vinegar is also good at lifting grease and breaking down dirt. Baking soda is also really good at deodorizing and disinfecting and it is also a good light abrasive which is great for soap scum, or baked on food. Another household cleaner that can be used in more than one way is dish soap. Dish soap can be used on its own or with other natural products for a wide range of cleaning duties. From cleaning your kitchen to making your shower shine, dish soap is an all-star when it comes to cleaning products and there many all natural dish soaps to choose from.

All of these natural cleaning products make an appearance in most DIY home made glass cleaners. One great recipe for making your own glass cleaner consists of mixing together dish soap, water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Many people who have tried this recipe say that it works exactly like windex, yet you don't have to go out and buy the actual product. Another window cleaner recipe calls for corn starch which gives some abrasive scabbing power, water, rubbing alcohol, and vinegar. Apparently this window cleaner recipe also works just as good as Windex. If you have some essential oils on hand you can always add a few drops to your homemade window cleaner to give it a nice aroma, which will also apply some aroma therapy to your home. So before you buy your usual bottle of Windex, give these natural cleaners a try first and see how you like them.***