She Dumps A $.25 Packet Of Kool-Aid Into Her Toilet. One Flush Later, It Looks Totally Different

Toilet cleaning doesn't have to be a pain, in fact it can actually be quite easy and effortless as long as you have the right cleaning tips. In this tutorial from the Little Things website you'll learn how to clean your toilet with a natural toilet cleaner that costs only 25 cents. The tutorial shows that pouring Kool-Aid in your toilet will end up in it looking completely different after just one flush. If you get stuck on toilet cleaning duty, why not give it a try? It may sound strange to pour Kool-Aid in your toilet unless you're planning on drinking the toilet water, which would be disgusting of course. But it's an interesting fact that Kool-Aid is an awesome toilet cleaner. Kool-Aid was invented in the early 1900s, but didn't become popular until the 1930s and 1950s. It was originally invented as a fruit drink but when it was ready to ship, it would have cost a lot to deliver it to the stores. So instead, the liquid was removed leaving the powder behind. The powder was easily packaged and could be transported effortlessly since each unit weighed practically nothing. As we all know, the drink crystals are turned into liquid by adding water to them, as well as some sugar to sweeten, and there you have the famous Kool-Aid drink.

People have always loved Kool-Aid as an affordable fruity beverage that's especially fun for kids to have. But now that people are finding out the crystals can work double duty for toilet cleaning and other cleaning chores, it's even more of a hit. The reason the drink crystals work so well at cleaning is because they have citric acid in them. Citric acid is natural and is usually found in flavoured drinks and candies, as well as some desserts and beauty products. It acts as a natural preservative and flavouring that is also safe to eat. When using the Kool-Aid for cleaning, it's best to use the citrus flavours like lemon or lime, or even orange since their citric acid content will be higher than other flavours. All you have to do is simply pour a full packet of Kool-Aid into the toilet bowl, let it sit for some time an then scrub as usual. The citric acid will work away at tough stains in the toilet including calcium and lime deposits left by the water sitting in the bowl too long. You'll see how great it works and perhaps never use another type of natural toilet cleaner again. Besides toilet cleaning, Kool-Aid is also great to use in your dishwasher or your laundry machine. You can also use it for a bunch of fun diy ideas like making play dough or colouring yarn.

Other natural cleaning tips that will help you keep your toilet nice and fresh is to clean it at least once every week for upkeep. This will mean less of a mess to clean up each time which makes toilet cleaning less of a drag. Make sure you also check out all of the other cool cleaning tips from the Little Things website as well as all of their cute and inspirational stories. The Little Things is an awesome website to visit whenever you need a little pick me up or a fun video to watch. You can also stay up to date on their latest posts by following them on Facebook and subscribing to their newsletter. Make sure you check back here often too for all of the best cleaning tips and tricks online. Give this a shot and see how well it works for you.***

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