She Melts Plastic Bottles On A Hot Iron. What She Makes, Every Girl Just Needs To See This!

Living in a world where there's more waste than ever, people are looking for more ways to recycle and reuse items. Fun diy projects are an awesome way to do that. In the video featured on All Tips Ideas, she melts plastic bottles on a hot iron, what she makes, every girl will want to see and then try it out for themselves. This is definitely one of those fun projects to do at home on a rainy or snowy day, or just as a quick way to get yourself some new jewelry without having to spend a dime. The tutorial involves only a few supplies including an empty and clean plastic bottle. The larger ones would work great, but if you're making the bracelets smaller, the small ones should also work just fine. Just be sure that it is large enough to fit over your hand because what you'll be making with the plastic bottles are some cool plastic bracelets. These plastic bracelets are known as bangles too, and were very popular in the 80s and 90s, and they are still in fashion today. Back in the 90s bangles were worn in all different neon colours, patterns and shapes, some were even heart shaped or square. So not only do these fun diy projects give us ways to recycle materials, but we are also kind of recycling different fashion trends and making them fresh again.

Simply take the clear plastic bottle, and wrap some masking tape around the section you would like to cut. White masking tape would be the best kind of tape to use for this since it comes off really easily after you're done cutting. You can also do this part free hand if you like, but having the tape there will help to keep your lines straight as you're cutting. Once the piece is cut away from the bottle, you can remove the tape. Once the tape is off, sand of any rough edges on the edge of the plastic with some sandpaper. Then, hold your warm iron in one hand, and the plastic ring in the other hand and slowly and gently press the edge of the plastic onto the iron rotating it gently as you go. Then, do the same on the other edge. You'll see that the heat allows the edge of the plastic to fold inward creating a rounded edge. Once you have the rounded edges on both sides, you can paint your bangle. In the video featured on All Tips Ideas, she paints her bangle using nail polish which would possibly hold up to any wear and tear if it were finished off with a coating of clear, protective nail polish afterward. You can also use other paints or dies that you can find at your local craft store.

These bangles look really pretty with all sorts of designs painted onto them. You can paint little flowers or symbols on your bangles if you like, or, perhaps you just want them one solid colour. Painting them with a metallic paint gives them a really contemporary look that would match with anything. You can also vary the thickness of your bangle by reducing the size of ring you cut. So if you want a larger, wider bangle, just cut 3 inches, if you want a thinner bangle, cut it to be 1 inch wide. The thinner ones may take some more practice because there isn't as much plastic to hang onto as you are heating it. As always, be very careful as well when you are using an iron as you can get burned if the temperature is too high. Enjoy this and other fun projects to do at home from All Tips Ideas.***

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