She Never Tosses Old Teabags. Instead, She Plants Them Outside For Reason I Never Expected

There is some simple life hacks that once you know them, you wonder how you lived without them. This DIY idea for reusing old teabags is exactly that. Not only is it a good way to recycle, but you are also composting, helping to reduce garbage and adding nutrients to your garden. This is also a fun and easy diy the kids will love. North Americans have gotten into the habit of creating way too much garbage on a day-to-day basis. According to recent studies, the average American tosses away about four pounds of garbage each day. Multiply that by 365 days in a yer, and you get 1,460 pounds of garbage per year. Imagine the amount of trash entire families generate on a yearly basis. According to the EPA, Americans produced more than 254 million tons of trash in 2013 alone. Addressing this problem might seem daunting at first, but that’s where recycling, repurposing and composting come in. It is everyone's responsibility to start being more aware of the garbage they are producing. The more people can cut down on what they are throwing away, the better off the planet will be. Especially with the state of the oceans, and all the plastic that is harming sealife each and every day.

So this fun and easy DIY idea for reusing tea bags is just the start of things you can do to help the environment and help lessen your carbon foot print. These easy DIY ideas for reusing your tea bags are also fun for the kids, and it helps to make them aware of where everything ends up. One thing you can do with your used tea bag is to put the used tea bags in the fridge after use. You can save them for when you want some tea again, then reuse them. It's a good way to get double use out of them and save yourself some money. One teabag can often be good for two to three cups of tea. Some other fun and easy diys and simple life hacks you can try with your tea bags include the following ideas.

1. Start by using your tea bags as a DIY idea for compost. Instead of throwing your used tea bags into the garbage, throw them in the compost bin or your green can. British tea bags are made out of organic materials, so they break down especially easy.

2. Used tea bags can be used as a DIY idea to keep away garden pests. The fragrance of both tea bags and coffee grounds are an excellent idea to help deter bugs and other pests such as cats, for example, and possibly even keep deer from eating away at your flowers, veggies and leaves.

3. With your used tea bags try this simple life hack to grow a garden. All it takes for this diy idea is a tray, a paper towel, some seeds, water, and a few of tea bags. To start your garden germinate the garden seeds in the tea bags, then plant them in your garden, they will love the added nutrients from the tea.

These are just a few of the fun, and easy diys that you will see on the Heartii website. For all the wonderful ways you can use tea bags in your garden, you’ll want to drop by for the full tutorial and fund, and easy do it yourself ideas to make use of your favorite tea. On the site, you will also find lifestyle ideas, pet ideas, food ideas, DIY ideas, simple life hacks and so much more. **

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