She Paints a Rubber Door Mat Blue, Wait 'Til You See What This Door Mat Becomes!

Got a blank wall? In this diy tutorial from Hometalk, she paints a rubber door mat blue, but wait until you see what the door mat becomes. We all have those big blank walls in our homes that we have a hard time filling up with something decorative. Purchasing a new larger piece of art work can set you back a few hundred dollars, or even a thousand if you're buying an original, painting or framed and matted photo. If your wall space is fairly large, you'll need something substantial to cover up the space and even large frames can be expensive and then you have to find something to put in the frame. Also, finding the perfect piece of art can sometimes be hard. You can look around a lot and still not find anything that speaks to you and emulates your personal style. Of course you can have an artist custom create you something that will fit with your decor, but this could cost you even more money than just buying something that's already been created. You can be an artist too and make cool art with diy ideas like this one. Thanks to websites like Hometalk, we can have tons of fun projects to do at home to decorate our spaces beautifully.

Fun diy projects are a great way to express your own personal style and have something special that's made by you. When friends come over and want to know where you got that cool piece of art, you can say you made it yourself and they'll probably be super impressed. Maybe you can even make a few fun diy projects to give away as gifts to friends and family. Diy ideas are also a great way to recycle old items you're no longer using, or, you could find these items for affordable prices at garage sales and thrift stores. If you can't find a rubber mat at any of those places, you can go to a store like Walmart and they should have some affordable ones there. It's just always nice to recycle items when you can. So get an ornate rubber mat in the style you like, similar to the one in the video on Hometalk. Then, just get a can of spray paint in a colour you like. For this tutorial she used a nice bright blue tone which looks very eye catching and would brighten up a dull space in no time. Then, just lay down some drop cloth, preferably outside where it's well ventilated, and spray your rubber mat to coat it with the paint.

Once you have the entire surface covered, you can assess if you want to leave it nice and bold, or if you would like to distress it a bit to make it look antiqued. If you want that distressed, shabby chic look that's so in lately, just take some sand paper and sand lightly in various places to remove some of the paint. You could also use some bronze or gold paint to give it an extra dimension of colour, or you could paint the whole thing in a metallic shade to make it look like metal. Either way this is a very cool way to add some funky art to your home's interior, or your garden space even. One of these would look cool hanging outside too. So get in the crafting mood for this and other fabulous diy ideas from Hometalk. They are the world's largest DIY community where you can find all sorts of fun diy projects to create and lots of fun projects to do at home.***

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