She Pours a Few Drops of Dish Soap into Her Washing Machine... And Gets Amazing Results

She pours a few drops of dish soap into her washing machine... and gets amazing results. Dish soap is one of those household cleaning items that we can't live without. It makes washing dishes so much easier for starters and it is also great for other household chores as well. There are so many different brands and kinds of dishwashing soap out there too, so it can be fun to try out different brands and types and see how they work. There are also eco friendly dish soap brands out there that are environmentally friendly and contain no sulphates and harsh chemicals that will harm our environment. These eco friendly dish soap brands will also be better for your own health and wellness since there are more healthy ingredients in them. Every household cleaner we use and touch with our hands gets into our skin and bloodstream, so this is why it is important to choose all natural, chemical free cleaning products. Choosing the chemical free cleaning products also keeps the chemical waste out of our waterways so we are no longer polluting our earth. The eco friendly dish soap is not even that much more expensive than the regular dish soap with sulphates in it, so for just a few more dollars you can have an all natural, safe soap.

The other wonderful thing is that dish soap can be used for other household chores and duties. Whitney from She Knows, shares many of her uses for dishwashing soap so that we can use them around our own homes. For these dishwashing soap tips and tricks you can use any kind of dish soap including all natural eco friendly dish soap. You could even try making your own dish soap from scratch like they used to make it in the past so you can be sure of exactly what goes into it. Making your own dish soap can also save you a lot of money in the long run too, which everyone loves to do. Dishwashing soap is usually made out of Ammonium laurel sulfate, Lauramidopropylamine Oxide, and Sodium Chloride. The sulfates are what cleans and allows the product to bubble and lather and the sodium chloride is what helps to keep the thickness of the liquid. In natural dishwashing soap there are no sulphates and no parabens which make it a healthier option to choose.

You will be happy to have this great list of dish soap uses that will help you with so many of your household chores and duties. Whitney says her mom used to use dish soap as a magical solution for nearly everything in their home and now Whitney herself loves dish soap just as much and uses it for so many things around the house. Some of the things on the list of 32 uses for dish soap include using your dishwashing soap for laundry. Yes, you can totally use dish soap in the laundry machine and it will effectively clean your clothes. This is the perfect thing to use if you run out of laundry detergent suddenly and have some dish soap lying around. Just squirt a few drops in with your load of laundry and your clothes will come out just as clean as if you use laundry soap. Plus, dish soap is super gentle so it will be okay for even your most delicate garments. You can also try out using your dish soap for cleaning your granite counter tops, or for cleaning out your shower. There are also plenty of personal uses for dish soap as well including using it to wash your hair and to clean your jewelry. So make sure you save this great list and try some of the tips out.*

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