She Pours Hot Water and Dish Soap into Her Toilet, This Secret Plumbers Trick is Genius

This is a video that everyone should see. If you've ever found yourself in a bind at someone's house and you want to know how to fix a clogged toilet fast, you will want to know these simple plumbers tricks. You dont have to admit it, but almost everyone can relate to dealing with a blocked toilet at some point in their lives. The worst case scenario might be if you are at someone else's house and you have to think about cleaning a clogged toilet fast. The good news is that there are simple tricks that can help with a blocked toilet that will save you from having to ask someone for help. You will want to watch the step by step video tutorial on the site that may save you from an embarrassing situation on how to fix a clogged toilet. This video has had over 289,000 views, so you know it's a popular topic.

Some of the tips you will surely use for a blocked toilet include when you find yourself needing to know how to fix a clogged toilet, simply reach in the back of the toilet and close down the flapper. This trick will stop the toilet from running and overflowing. This is one of the most important steps when dealing with a blocked toilet. Nex you want to pour some hot water into the blocked toilet. The water just needs to be hot, not boiling, a few cups should help to get things moving. If you don't have a cup to put the hot water into the blocked toilet, you could always use a trash can to help. Wait a few minutes and try flushing again, be ready to reach in and close down the flapper if needed. Then if that trick doesn't work, you can try putting some dish soap into the blocked toilet. If you are at someone else's house and don't want to bother anyone, try using two to three squirts of shampoo if available, wait a few minutes and try flushing again.

Liquid dish soap is just one of the things you can try using for a blocked toilet. Liquid dish soap can be used for other simple life hacks and cleaning tips around the house. The good news is that liquid dish soap is inexpensive, and something you most likely always have on hand. Most people have some dish soap available to use in the kitchen; you can also try leaving a bottle in the bathroom for blocked toilet emergencies. What many people don't know is that liquid dish soap can be used for all sorts of cleaning tips and tricks besides doing dishes. Dish soap can be used as a floor cleaner by adding a few drops into some warm to hot water. You can use this cleaning tip for hardwood floors, laminate, tile and cement floors. Liquid dish soap is an effective grease remover, just think of how excellent it works on dirty, greasy dishes. You can use dish soap on fabrics that get grease stains by applying directly to the grease stains and then gently rubbing into the stain with your fingers and letting sit for a few minutes.

These tips on how clearing a clogged toilet can be found on the One Good Thing by Jillee YouTube channel. The site is all about sharing the good things in life. Jillee has been finding and sharing all sorts of tips from clearing a clogged toilet to household cleaning tips and tricks on her blog for years. On the site, you will find everything from DIY ideas, cleaning tips, laundry tips, recipes ideas and so much more. **

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