She Put An IKEA Dining Table In Her Sonís BEDROOM! Then, She Cut Two Holes In It To Make THIS! SO COOL!

We're always looking for ways to make our live easier and ways to organize our homes. In this tutorial, she put an Ikea dining table in her son's bedroom; then she cut two holes in it to make a really cool table. This is such a cool diy project. If you have young kids, you're sure to have a lot of toys around the house. There are more toys available for children now than ever before, and most kids want them all. It's tempting to get them one of everything, but then you end up with piles and piles of different toys around the house. Some of them don't get played with as much as others, which is okay since kids grow out of things over time and find new interests. A great way to stay on top of all the clutter is to do a clean sweep of the toys with your children to decide which ones to keep and which ones to donate. Involving the kids in the process is a great way to teach them that as you get new stuff, you may want to let go of your old toys that you no longer play with anymore. Also, when they see parents doing this with their things, they will be able to follow an example.

The other great way to keep your home clutter free is to create organization methods that will make it easy for kids to store away their toys when it's time to clean up. The easier it is to do, the more likely they will be to clean up, right? Sarah, the author of the blog A Little Of This, A Little Of That shares with us her method of keeping her son's lego pieces organized and tidy. If you have ever stepped on one of these little pieces like Sarah has, you know how much pain they cause to your sensitive feet. Which is the main reason for wanting to keep the piece up off the ground. The second reason being to keep them all together, so they don't get lost, or worse, sucked up into the vacuum cleaner. So Sarah had a brilliant idea to make a table with holes to insert plastic bins in to hold all of the Lego pieces, and it turned out really great. Now, you can do this diy furniture project too, since she has written out the detailed instructions on her website. This is going to be one of those do it yourself home projects you want to do right away, since it has the ability to make our lives easier.

All you need is an Ikea dining room table; just a simple one will do. Sarah used one of the most affordable tables she could find at Ikea for this project. You could also look at thrift stores when creating diy furniture and for your do it yourself home projects to save a bit of money. If the used furniture is a little scraped up, just put a coat of paint on it in the colour of your choosing or, let your child choose and help out with the painting a bit. Once you have your table all setup, you will need some bins for the storage spaces, and then you will cut holes in the table to insert the bins into. Pretty great idea, isn't it? You could make a whole table of storage bins, or you could leave some table space open for Lego building. If you think this would help to organize your space, add this to your list of do it yourself home projects and enjoy the organization it provides.***

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