What Does Adding a Pinch of Salt to Your Coffee Do?

You might think that salt only has one purpose in life: to make your bland food tasty. After all, what would an ear of corn or a slab of meat be without a sprinkle of our favorite seasoning? But, the truth is, we’ve all been putting salt in a box. There’s more to the seasoning than we might think, some clever uses for it in the kitchen that we would never have anticipated. Moral of the story? Don’t underestimate your regular old table salt.

America’s Test Kitchen is going to show us three of their favorite ways to use salt that the average cook may not have thought up. With just a sprinkle of the good stuff, these chefs can keep their greens vibrant, their coffee fresh, and their scrambled eggs fluffy. And that’s only the beginning.

Little known fact, but salt reduces bitterness. One of the things that can get especially bitter in the kitchen? Coffee. Add a pinch of salt to every quart of coffee grounds for smooth, sweet coffee that has lost its bitter tendencies.

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