She Ripped Down My Window Blinds And Started Breaking Them, When I Saw What She Made? AMAZING!

Finding do it yourself home projects online is as easy as ever, even though there may be some you may find yourself questioning at first. In this tutorial from All Tips Ideas, this woman seems to be breaking window blinds, but if you stick around long enough to see what she made, you will find it just as amazing as we did. If you ever dreamed of having beautiful Roman blinds, but haven't found any that come in a colour or fabric you like or have found them to be too expensive, this DIY project is for you. We all like to have blinds on our windows for a variety of reasons. Number one, to control the amount of light that is coming in throughout the day. In the hot months of summer you don't want the hot sun shining right into your home, you need shade to keep your home cool. Then, in the winter, you'll want a bit more sun to enter into your home since you'll be spending less time outdoors, so that's probably when you'll open up your blinds nice and wide.

Secondly, blinds are wonderful for privacy. If you live in a busy neighborhood, you don't always want people peering into your windows, so blinds work well in creating a visual barrier to the outside world while still allowing some light to enter into your space. Blinds and curtains are also a great way to decorate your home and add some personality to each room in your home. There are different styles of blinds you can choose from, Venetian blinds, which are the little slats of thin metal, wood or plastic that allow you to moderate the amount of light and privacy you have. Then, there are also black out blinds that allow a room to have complete darkness for the best sleeping environment possible. This tutorial shows us a great way to transform some normal Venetian blinds into some beautiful Roman blinds. So if you're looking for ways to recycle some old blinds, this tutorial will be perfect for you to do. The whole process is fairly easy, and you don't need too many supplies to make them. If you already have a set of plastic blinds, you won't have to buy new ones. if you have to buy new ones for this project, be sure to keep an eye out for sales in your local department stores, or, better yet, check out some garage sales or thrift stores which is one of the other ways to recycle.

Roman blinds were originally the invention of, you guessed it, the Roman people of ancient Rome. Since Rome tended to be very dusty and hot in the summers, the people would have to come up with ways to keep the hot sun and the dust out of their houses. Since they had no windows, the blinds were their only hope. So just like we do today, they did some do it yourself home improvements and started hanging wet cloths in their windows. That way, the dust would cling to the wet cloth, and the sunlight would be cooled by the coolness of the water on the cloth keeping it nice and cool inside. As time went on, they began to use strips of wood and string with the cloth to make it easier to open and close the blinds and before long, it became a fashion statement for the home. You can do your own do it yourself home improvements with great tutorials like this one from All Tips Ideas. They also feature interesting news stories and recipes to enjoy.***

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