She Sands Down A Tin Can. When She Adds The Finishing Touch I Want This In My House!

If you're looking for some really cool, do it yourself home projects you have to check out these diy ideas from DAMN!, a website with everything from diy projects to entertainment news. These are also some great ideas for ways to recycle leftover tin cans instead of just throwing them in the garbage. You can also recycle your tin cans in your recycle bins or bring them to your local recycling depot, but making them into something is so much more fun, and it's a great way to express your creativity and save money too. So gather a bunch of empty tin cans and clean them out really well. To clean out any scents from your cans you can use some white vinegar or baking soda since they are great at neutralizing any strong odors. Just leave some vinegar in the can for a while, and it should take care of any scents. Or, make a paste out of some baking soda and rub it all over the inside of the can and leave it for a couple of hours and then wash the can out with some dish soap and hot water. Cans that contained fish may not be as easy to clean the scents out of though, so they might be better off leaving in the recycling bin.

For one of the diy ideas in the list you can make your old tin cans into beautiful pencil holders. Just take some sandpaper and sand the outside of the can a bit. This will make your embellishments stick better to the surface. Then, using some Mod Podge, stick some old book pages or magazine pictures to the outside of the can, and seal them with a coat of Mod Podge. Then, you can attach the cans to a piece of wood to hang on your wall. This would be one of those great do it yourself home projects for the bathroom or the office, you could put your makeup brushes in the cups or use them for your office supplies. These would also work in the kitchen to hold your kitchen utensils as well. Such a decorative and artistic way to keep things organized. They also look great with some fresh cut flowers in them. If you love to sew, you can make a cute pin cushion out of an old can and some cotton batting with material. Just take a smaller can for this one, and get some cotton batting and a small piece of material you like. Simply wrap the cotton batting in the material and secure it with a few stitches to hold it together, then, pop it into the can and voila, you have a pin cushion.

Another great diy project for the bathroom, make some cute towel holders out of old cans. For larger towels you can use coffee cans, for face cloths, you can use normal soup cans. You can decorate your cans however you like and then attach them to the wood by the bottom of the can. Then simply roll up your towels and place them inside. Make your own kitchen canisters for flour, sugar, and tea, just use coffee tins and paint them with colors that match your kitchen decor. Then, use chalkboard stickers as labels so you can change the labels as you wish. These would look so cute on the countertop. Be sure to check out all of these awesome diy ideas and ways to recycle cans from DAMN! and also check out some of their other cool articles and ideas. Which diy ideas will you create out of your old cans?***

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