She Slices A Circle Out Of An Old T-Shirt. What She Makes Is Such An Amazing Fashion Statement!

If you're looking for some fun diy projects for making clothing, this is a great tutorial to give a shot. Basically, she slices a circle out of an old t-shirt and what she makes is an amazing fashion statement. Plus, it's an affordable way to have a new top that is also unique and stylish. If you want more ways to recycle large t-shirts, you'll love this tutorial. The tutorial from All Tips Ideas shares a video from a YouTube channel called coolirpa, run by a young girl named April. April loves to take thrift store finds and make them into stylish clothing or costumes. In this case, she got an oversized shirt and turned it into a peplum top. You may be wondering what a peplum top is to start off. A peplum top consists of a fitted shirt that has a skirt attached to it at the bottom. The top is meant to accentuate the small waist while enhancing the hips. They have been around for over 70 years and are still very popular today. This style of shirt looks lovely over leggings, dress pants or a slim pencil skirt. It could also work over jeans in this case since it is made out of a t-shirt.

You will need a bit of sewing practice for these types of diy ideas, but it's very basic sewing. If you don't have a sewing machine, you could always sew it by hand too. All you do is follow the pattern guide she includes in her video, measuring your waist and using the guide to measure out the curves of the circle pattern in tissue paper. Once the pattern is ready, cut it out of the paper and lay it on top of the bottom part of the t-shirt to be cut out. These two circles are then sewn together to make the skirt part of the shirt. Create the tank top part of the shirt and once you sew the sides together to make the top, you can sew the bottom on and voila, you have your very own handmade peplum top. This is just one of the many ways to recycle old clothes giving you something new to wear without having to break your budget. Using old clothes or thrift store finds for fun diy projects is an awesome way to recycle and express your creativity. There are so many different ways to cut up a t-shirt and make it into a funky, unique design that no one else will have.

Since buying material brand new can be so pricy, up cycling old clothes to make new clothes is the way to go. There are so many great clothes that can be found in thrift stores and consignment shops that just need a bit of a makeover to become fresh and new again. If you've never tried to make fun diy projects like this before, a great idea is to do a test run on a shirt you don't really mind messing up on first. This will help you to work out any kinks before you work on the shirt you really like. You can also make use of t-shirt material to make other items like a blanket, scarves, a rag style rug, hair bands, bracelets and so much more. Jeans are also a great item to use for diy ideas because they are so durable and make great bags, pillow covers, upholstery, and baskets for storage. All Tips Ideas has so many great diy ideas to try out, as well as recipes, new articles and lots of other interesting information.***

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