She Spent Just 25 Cents on This Non-Toxic Rust Stain Removal Solution That You Probably Already Have in Your House

You need to try one of these amazing real life hacks. She spent just 25 cents on this non-toxic rust stain removal solution that you probably already have in your house. Of all the simple life hacks in the world, you're not going to believe what this stain removal technique uses. For most people, using this product might have you worried that it could leave a stain behind rather than remove a stain. This hack proves to make our lives easier by removing rust stains from concrete. If you've ever gotten a rust stain on anything, whether it's clothing, furniture, wood or concrete, you'll know that it's really difficult to remove these types of stains. Rust is a very complex stain to remove which is why people fear that their item is ruined if it's been exposed to rust. Rust is also known as iron oxide. It's created when metals like steel are exposed to moisture and air. Essentially when you see rust, it's the weakening of the chemical bond that makes metal, and the metal is eroding away. You see rust on any type of metal that's been exposed to the weather and elements for far too long. We see it on cars a lot, especially on the undercarriage by the wheel wells where water is hitting constantly. Factors like snow and salts that melt the snow are also factors in this as well and can expedite the erosion.

There are ways to prevent your stuff from rusting, like making sure to wash it regularly, and not allow a build up of water or moisture on it. You can also store outdoor metal items inside in wet snowy or rainy whether. Wax coatings can also help to keep water from penetrating into the metal, just like the waxes that you can put on your vehicle when you wash and shine them. So back to the real life hacks and how you can remove rust from your concrete surfaces. You may not believe it, but Kool-Aid is the special ingredient that will remove rust from any surface. You might be wondering how a drink mix that usually stains things can remove stains. Well, it's because of the citric acid in Kool-Aide, especially the lemon or orange flavours. The citric acid works by dissolving the rust, but not the rest of the surface you're working on, leaving it stain free. Just simply get a packet of orange or lemon flavoured Kool-Aide and dump it into a container. Add a little bit of water, just enough to make it into a paste. Then, with a brush or an old toothbrush, depending on the size of the stain, apply some of the solution to the stain and scrub away. You will notice the stain lifting out very quickly. If it's persistent, then just keep scrubbing.

If you're worried about the Kool-Aid dye staining your items, just use plain citric acid in powdered form. You can find it at most health food stores or in some grocery stores. Citric acid is used in beauty products and food products to keep the food preserved, or adds a sour flavour to foods and beverages. In the past most critic acid came from fruits from Italy. But then, it was later found that citric acid was produced by fungi, especially one strain called Aspergillus niger which is what they use to produce citric acid on a larger scale. So it's a naturally occurring substance which makes it a great natural cleaning solution. Enjoy this and other simple life hacks which prove to make our lives easier from Awesome Jelly.***

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