She Sprays Cooking Oil Onto the Front of Her Car, When I Saw Why, I Ran to Try it!

Washing the car is part of keeping it in good shape. You may not know it, but using cooking oil is a great way to clean your vehicle. Of all the natural cleaners in the world, you probably wouldn't have thought of using cooking oil to clean your car. If you implement natural cleaning methods in your home, you'll probably want to use them on your car too. A lot of people will use dish soap as a natural cleaning solution for vehicles. This can work great added into a bucket of hot water. But sometimes there are things that soap and water can't remove, so it's great to have these cleaning tips from The Krazy Coupon Lady website to help us out when things get dirtier than usual. If you have a vehicle you've probably noticed that one of the toughest things to remove from your car exterior is the dead bugs that are plastered all over the front of your car. During the summer, if you do a lot of highway driving, sometimes it's hard to even see the front nose of your car under all the bugs, and the windshield can end up being hard to see through sometimes which can be a hazard all in itself.

When you take your car to the drive through car wash, the bugs don't really budge. Even in the hand washing stations, the bugs are difficult to remove with the pressure washer, especially if they've been stuck on there for a really long time. The other thing is, the pressure washer can end up removing your paint if you get it up too close to the car so you have to be careful with how close you're getting. You don't want to use any brushes or abrasive cleaners on your car since it can ruin the finish. Even natural cleaners like baking soda could potentially scratch the paint on your car. Instead, just go to your kitchen and get out your spray on cooking oil. Oil is usually the last thing you think of when you want to clean something. Usually we are trying to get rid of oil and residue on things, not adding more to them. But trust The Krazy Coupon Lady's sound advice and cleaning tips and try out putting some oil on those stuck on bugs to remove them easily. Simply get your cooking oil, any kind of oil will do, and spray, or dab some of it on the tough to clean spots. The oil will work to loosen up all of the hardened on dead bugs and should make it a lot easier to remove them completely from your car with a cloth. Just let the oil sit on the bugs for some time and then take your special car cleaning cloth and gently wipe the bugs away. It's such a simple solution to a very common problem, plus, your car will be all nicely shined up when you're done.

Some other cleaning tips for cleaning your car include using a micro-fibre cloth to wash the body of your car. Micro-fibre is a nice, soft and smooth type of material that won't scratch your car, it's also very absorbent so you can use it to dry off the water after you're done cleaning too. You can even make your own homemade polishing spray like Armor All by mixing together baby oil, dish soap and water in an empty spray bottle and using it to clean the tires and the interior of your vehicle. For more cleaning tips that involve cooking oil check out this list from The Krazy Coupon Lady.***

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