She Squeezes Limes, Then Goes Outside. Before She Knows It? She’s In The Emergency Room!

We all love to use lime and lemon juice for a variety of recipes like beverage recipes and food recipes, but did you know that these citrus fruits could have adverse effects on your health and wellbeing? You squeeze some limes or lemons, enjoying some time in the sun, and before you know it you may have to take a trip to the emergency room. What could have caused such a reaction that it ends in a hospital visit? Sometimes when you use your hands to squeeze lime juice and lemon juice from the fruit, it can cause phytophotodermatitis. Squeezing limes or lemons with our hands to make beverage recipes or any other recipes could result in phytophotodermatitis if we're not careful. Morgan Moore found this out the hard way after she had squeezed a bunch of limes by hand to make a pitcher of margaritas on a hot and sunny summer day. What she didn't know was anything about phytophotodermatitis, which is the result of leaving the lime juice on your skin while being exposed to the UV rays of the sun. Morgan's hands started to feel very painful, and she had only been out in the sun for 30 minutes.

In the video from CBS News that is featured on All Tips Ideas, you can see just how awful the combination of lime juice and the sun can be. Morgan got third-degree burns on her hands that had her very worried and confused. She rinsed her hands off after squeezing over thirty limes and didn't think twice about it before heading outside to enjoy the sun with her friends at a BBQ. Her hands eventually swelled up so bad and began to have blisters on them as well as third-degree burns. She said that this is the worst pain she has probably ever felt, it was so bad. This can also happen with lemon juice or orange juice, but it's most common with lime juice, so much so that phytophotodermatitis has been nick named Margarita photodermatitis. The lime juice on the skin exposed to UV rays causes a chemical reaction because of the lime juice making the skin hypersensitive to the light of the sun. So you basically get a severe sunburn as a result. To prevent this from happening, doctors recommend thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water after handling limes especially if you will be out in the hot summer sun afterward. As another preventative measure, make sure you apply sunscreen to your hands as well as washing them just to be on the safe side. Better to be safe than sorry especially when the side effects are so extreme.

No one wants to experience this kind of pain that results in scarring and being unable to use your hands for up to six weeks. So please use Morgan's story as a cautionary tale and remember this helpful advice she shared. Thank you to All Tips Ideas for sharing this valuable information for our health and wellbeing, it could save someone the pain of this happening to them. For more great health tips as well as diy projects, knitting and crocheting projects and other life hacks be sure to have a look at their website. They also feature recipes and practical household tips that will save you time and money, as well as valuable energy. Share our link with your friends and family members to prevent this from happening to anyone else. People would surely appreciate knowing this information, and then they too can share it with their friends and family members to protect everyone's health and wellbeing.***

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