She Takes 107 Plastic Spoon Tips And Glues Them To An Old Water Bottle. What It Transforms Into? WOW

Making diy crafts for home is a great way to bring some personal charm and creativity into the home. In this awesome diy project from The Chive, she takes 107 plastic spoons and glues them to an old water bottle. What it transforms into... wow. This is one of those fun projects to do at home when you're looking to change things up with your home style. The finished result looks really cool and has a fun mod style much like you may see in decor from the 1960s and 70s. Back then, plastics and melamines were all the rage. Simple, clean lines with a space-like style were in style, and something like this would have fit right into the home decor of the time. Fun and easy diys like this one are also a great way to decorate on a budget. Using an old water bottle is a great way to recycle, and plastic spoons can be purchased for only a couple of dollars a bag. This project all together wouldn't cost much more than a few dollars to make. If your kids want to have a hand in decorating their own bedroom, diy crafts for home are a great way to get them involved while saving money. Plus, it's a great way to get them to express their creativity and show their own unique personality in their own room.

To make this groovy looking plastic chandelier, simply cut the handles off of 107 plastic spoons, then take the scooping ends and glue them onto the empty water bottle with a hot glue gun, staggering the spoons as you layer them. Then, to finish it off, create a nice ring of spoon heads together in a ring and fix it to the top of the chandelier. Once that is done, you are ready to string your light chord through the lid and insert it, light bulb first, into the chandelier. Then, find a spot on the ceiling where you want to hang it, fix a small hook to the ceiling and hang. The nice thing about these chandeliers is that they aren't heavy, so you don't need heavy-duty hooks to hang them from, or have to worry about them dropping and breaking or hurting anyone. Something like these diy crafts for home would be lovely to make to decorate for a birthday party, special event or a wedding. Instead of using expensive paper lanterns from specialty shops, just make a few of these to hang overhead. Just be sure to use a bulb that won't get too close to the plastic which would cause it to melt.

These days, there are so many fun projects to do at home that don't require a lot of time or know how. These fun and easy diys are great to make for gifts as well. Diys have been done since ancient times, with humans having to do everything by hand for themselves up until more recently. With the rise of industry and professionals, people can rely on to do work around the home or shops to purchase crafts in, doing diy crafts for home has become kind of a luxury for some. On the other hand, there are those who will always attempt to do it themselves before buying it brand new or calling in the tradesman to do it for them. It was in the 50s that diy projects really began to become a thing, and was the decade where the term do it yourself came from. Now, we can find diy tutorials for almost anything we wish to make from great websites like The Chive.***

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