She Wraps Bubble Wrap Around a Cake. What She Creates is Stunning!

The internet is a great place to find lots of great step by step tutorials and tricks on a variety of subjects from cake decorating to cooking and baking. "She Wraps Bubble Wrap Around a Cake. What She Creates is Stunning!," is just one example of the many videos you have access to. Cakes are a fun way to celebrate an event, they are a hie way to make someone something that they can enjoy for their birthday or any other special occasion. There are SO many ways to create cakes! You could buy so many books on the subject, watch videos online, or read how to tutorials, and you still wouldn't see all that is out there! Decorating cakes is an art of its own. You have to have just the right icing, and you have to be really steady with your hands in decorating the cakes. Sometimes there are such elaborate designs you see that you immediately want to know how they did it. Well this tutorial is a great one, that lets you see just what you can create, and how simply you can do it.

This step by step video tutorial on using bubble wrap for cake decorating is a simple and easy idea, and one that you will want to try at home. To start you will want to temper your broken up chocolate pieces in a microwave safe bowl, and heat in intervals, stirring each time the chocolate comes out of the microwave. You will continue to heat the chocolate until you achieve the melted texture you want. Next you will cut a piece of bubble wrap so that it fits nicely around your cake, you will then take put the bubble wrap down on your counter with the "bubble" side up and cover with the melted chocolate, spreading across the entire piece of bubble wrap evenly. When this step is complete you will let the chocolate bubble wrap dry for ten minutes at room temperature and then wrap around the cake with the chocolate side against the cake. You will then let the cake chill for ten minutes before removing the bubble wrap. For the full video step by step bubble wrap tutorial you will want to take a look at the website. If you are a visual person, then this tutorial will be great for you, since it really shows each and every step you need to follow to get the cake looking like she does in the end.

These great step by step video tutorials teach a variety of cake decorating and tips some of which include; billowed cake the simple fondant technique in a few steps; buttercream cake decorating fast and easy technique; hot to make a fake cake step by step; wedding cake decorating ideas how to make an elegant wedding cake and so much more. She really has such a great variety of cakes that she shows us how to make. This would be so helpful to someone who is passionate about baking, and who wants some new and simple ideas in how to make cakes look gorgeous but not have to spend a lot of time doing it.

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