She Wraps Burlap Around a Pool Noodle. What It Becomes? I Love This Front Door Idea!

There is an abundance of beautiful diy crafts for home, including this great idea. In this tutorial from Hometalk, she wraps burlap around a pool noodle, what it becomes is a lovely accent for your front door, or inside your home. Fun and easy diys like this one are great to make for the holidays or any occasion to liven up your front entranceway or give away as a nice gift. All you need is a pool noodle, some burlap, a glue gun and some accents and you can make a beautiful wreath just like the one in this tutorial. Wreaths are a nice way to dress up any plain old door. They bring a nice pop of colour and style to your entrance, and they are a great way to decorate for any time of year, whether it's Christmas, Thanksgiving, Springtime or Summertime. You can have wreaths for each season and change them out as the year progresses. The only thing is, wreaths can be very expensive to purchase in the store. One wreath can cost you up to $100 or more, depending on where you buy it from, so as always, instead of paying a lot of money, just do diy crafts for home and make one yourself instead. This way you can have exactly what you want, and you will pay under $20 for it.

First of all, get a pool noodle from your local dollar store or department store. These are the long, colourful foam floating toys that are usually used for swimming. If you have an old pool noodle, by all means, use that one to recycle something that may have otherwise been thrown away in the trash. You may want to cut your pool noodle to the size of circle you want. Just make the noodle into a circle until you get the size of wreath you want and cut it to size. If you want a large wreath, then of course, just leave it as is. You then want to cut your burlap material to size by making a strip that will fit around the noodle and cover the entire length of it so none of the pool noodle is visible. You also want to leave some excess so you get the scrunching effect you see in the tutorial. Then, you want to pin and sew the material with a sewing machine. You may want to do this with the material off of the noodle, and then slide it onto the noodle once it's all sewed. The material can be scrunched up which looks really nice. You can try different fabrics if you like, but the burlap is very rustic and natural looking. Once you have the material on the noodle you just have to join the two ends of the noodle together by taping them with some duct tape. Don't worry this will all be covered up by the fabric.

Once you have your burlap wreath you can get to the fun part, which is decorating it. Add some little accents like dried sticks and plants or berries, maybe a bow made out of fabric. You could also glue some ornaments on the wreath if you like, to give it some sparkle and shimmer. Once you are all done, you can hang your wreath up and admire your creative efforts. It could be fun to make some interchangeable ornaments to put onto the wreath that could easily be switched out depending on the season. That way you don't need a different wreath for every occasion. For more fabulous diy ideas and crafts check out Hometalk and enjoy creating some of their fun and easy diys.***

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