She Wraps Yarn Around A Toilet Paper Roll. When She’s Finished, I Can’t Wait To Hang This On My Tree

Looking for some fun diy projects to make for the holidays? In this fun diy idea from All Tips Ideas, she wraps yarn around a toilet paper roll. When she's finished, you will love the result and want to hang a few on your tree too. This is a great diy if you are looking for ways to recycle common household items, in this case toilet paper rolls. We all have access to toilet paper rolls, and can accumulate at least a few within a week or two. You may also be able to try using paper towel rolls, but they are a little narrower than toilet rolls, so may not turn out the same. This would also be a great way to use up any old yarn you have from old knitting or crafting projects. If you don't have any yarn on hand, it's very easy to find at your local craft store, or maybe you have access to a specialty knitting shop that has a wide variety of different wools and yarns. If you want to save some money, dollar stores are a great place to purchase yarn at a fraction of the cost that craft stores sell it at. Or, you can sometimes find nice yarn at thrift stores or garage sales which would also be recycling and repurposing.

Yarn has been made and used for centuries for various purposes. The word yarn comes from the Old English word gearn, and the Greek work for yarn is chordē which means string. The yarn we find rolled up into a nice ball is made by using the ancient art of spinning. There is evidence of clothes made with yarn that date back 20,000 years ago. In those times people would roll the fibres of plants or animal furs into long strands by hand rolling them on their thighs, adding more fibres as they went along. Then, this strand would be twisted by hand in order to stay together. This process was made easier by 5000 BC with the use of a spindle. The first spindles weren't even round, which meant they took a lot more time to make. The whole process of cloth making was very time consuming as a result. It's presumed that the spinning wheel was invented sometime between 500 and 1000 AD in India and was called a Charkha. By the 14th century, the spinning wheel allowed the threads to be produced faster than ever before. Inventions kept coming as the years progressed and now we use what is known as open end spinning which makes the process very easy.

There are still people who use the old methods of yarn making and you can purchase their products online, but it just goes to show how much work and fibre goes into one ball of yarn, which is why it's great to find ways to recycle it when we can. This is just one of the many diy ideas you can do with yarn. You can make beautiful wall hangings and paintings with yarn. In fact, the Huichol people of Mexico use yarn and beeswax to create beautiful paintings of their visions they receive on vision quests that are done in beautiful vibrant colours. This particular diy project from All Tips Ideas would be excellent to make with kids around Christmas time and winter time. Besides hanging them on a tree to use as a Christmas tree decoration, you could also use them as little yarn hats for small dolls to stay warm. Make them in multicolours like the tutorial video shows, or make them in Christmas colours to match your Christmas decor.***

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